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I live in a small apartment. Hence, no dedicated space available. I do, however, have a "nest"--my big comfy chair and the corner between it and an end table in the living room. While I knit (or craft) I can watch television or listen to an audio book from there. I sometimes knit in bed. I almost always knit in the car at the laundromat while waiting for my laundry to need a reboot.


I actually have two spaces and I like having them. I have one in my bedroom where I have my work table, sewing machine and two baskets -- one for sewing/knittibg stuff and one with supplies. I like to sit here and make my plans notes, look at dye jobs and sew.

The other craft space is in my living room. I have a larger knit/crochet basket there, my spinning wheel, plants,candles and a comfy chair. I do my knitting, crochet and spinning here. I'll post pics on my blog soon. I don't have to have them but working in these dedicated spaces do make me feel like I'm truly retreating to my happy crafting place. Any space you carve out doesn't have to be fancy, mine aren't, they should work for you in terms of accessing what you need and they should be what warm, welcoming and comfy means to you. Then you'll have your perfect space.

Happy knitting, lovely socks and enjoy the SB game!


I love reading your posts every Sunday morning. I have not had time to knit, because as I have mentioned several times, I am finishing my Master's degree, and it takes all of my time. I cannot wait to knit again. I miss it so much. It is therapy. It is relaxing. It is fun!

My favorite place to knit is in my comfy chair in front of the television.

Football? Is there a game today? Hahaha! GO BRONCOS!!! I love Peyton Manning! I live in Maine, but I grew up in Indiana, and I was a big fan of the Colts (still am). When Peyton left Indy, I continued to watch him play for Denver. I want him to go out with a win!

Thank you for your blog! I look forward to it.


Loving the colorway and the pattern you chose for your socks- very pretty. My yarn is every where, by the fireplace and kitchen table are 2 baskets of on going knittering.
Happy Sunday- Suuuper Bowl Suuunday!
Knit on.

Andrea @ This Knitted Life

I dream of having a knitting and crafting room with floor to ceiling Windows...maybe attached to a greenhouse. In the meantime, I knit on the sofa under a bright lamp or in the window seat if it is still light out and not too cold. When I and done, I put my yarn away in the closet out of reach of my three year old. Enjoy this beautiful day! ❤️❤️❤️❤️


Now that I only have one child at home and several empty bedrooms I took one and turned it into my studio. This room holds all my loves,
yarns, my loom, an easel, my paints, a bookcase filled with all my favorite books, walls covered with art that I love, a table to create on and a very comfy chair, and well, the list goes on. While I love this room and feel very honored to have it, for many years my loves where stored in a chest in the corner of a room because that is all the space I had and I wouldn't mind giving it up if I could turn the clock back and have all my babies home again. :)
Enjoy your football game, I am one of those who will be glad when it's all over.


Oh, I have a feeling that this yarn is definitely going to work out - so beautiful! As for a space, it depends on the project. Simple no-brainer stitch patterns are being knit in front of the computer while watching a movie, complicated lace/cables - in front of the desk full of notes charts and all this mess. For machine knitting projects I have a table and it is the most organized craft space :) I also love taking simple projects on the road trips, I usually don't get a lot done, but I just love this feeling of carrying a project around and knit here and there even for a couple of rows. I actually prefer taking crochet projects on the road - stitches don't escape and crochet hook is hard to lose :) Have a great Sunday!

Sue J

What a lovely start to the socks for your friend. I have a craft cave. It's in what a non-crafter may use for a formal lounge and dining room. There's a hole in the wall which separates the two rooms. It's currently in disarray as I unpack my crafty goods and chattels due to a move from Australia to the USA. This is a work in progress and I'm not really sure where it is going...I'm winging it at the moment! lol My knitting pretty much goes everywhere with me. On the back porch in the warmer weather, on the couch watching tv, reading blogs at the computer desk (this may not always be a good idea, as I've just knit about 40 stitches with the dangly end of the yarn, not the ball! lol) and when I'm a passenger in the car. Our minature poodle, Bailey, sits on my lap in the car when we take the dogs out and he sits quite happily with the knitting needles moving over his head.


We have four kids, ages 15 to 2 (same husband, as my sister often has to explain to her friends-- there's a caboose baby in there!), and I like being in the family room with them while they're goofing off, so I claimed one seat on the sofa next to an end table and put two baskets there. One is under the end table, and one is on top of it, and I keep current projects in those. So that's my knitting space. :)


The new sock is gorgeous - the colors and the pattern. I agree with Jody.

Craft space? Ummm, that would be my house! :) I do have a craft area in our loft, but where the crafting takes place really depends on what I am doing: Cross stitch and knitting tends to take place on the sofa (or relaxing in the back garden when the weather improves). Quilting/Sewing takes place in the loft because I have a dedicated sewing table up there. Papercrafts tend to take place on the kitchen or dining room table.

Go Broncos!


Currently, we occupy all the rooms. But I told the tween her sister is going to get her room when she goes away to college and I'm going to make the baby's room into my craft room! But now husband wants the little room for his office. So I'll get the retreat space which is bigger! *fist pumps* I wonder what inspired the color of your current sock yarn? I love it.


My favourite and most used space is our green sofa. We also have a black sofa, but that's less comfortable. I often sit on the green one with all the stuff I need, my knitting in my hands and my laptop on my legs because I love to watch stuff while I knit. Because the light isn't really good on my sofa I sometimes have to switch to our big table when I really need to see what I am doing. In the summer I sometimes knit on the balcony but that's never as comfortable as on the sofa. On the other hand I really like to knit "in the wild", somewhere outside, preferably with a nice view and a coffee or a beer close to me.


by default, my primary knitting space is in the family room because that's where the TV is. And the only time I knit is after supper, when all my work is done and I can sit by the TV, listen because I can't watch it, and knit.
There have been a few times when I've knit during the day and then I sit beside my piano in the sunroom -- it is a much more cozy and much more cheery spot.


I have two spaces: in Front of my computer (which doubles as a TV) and on my couch in my living room (which is nowhere near my tv/computer). It really depends on what I'm doing while knitting, or what time it is. Usually, if I have just woken up, I like to be OUT of my room (where my TV/computer resides), so I get me my breakfast and morning tea, then get a project and start knitting on the couch while listening to music or Knitting Podcasts. I have my knitting stash in my Living room, too, so it's easy to get things. (they're all in tubs, and usually it's unorganized, but the IDEA is to be organized). The knitting that happens in the evening is usually in front of the computer. I come home tired after a long day on my feet, and I want to sit down and watch something. Knitting goes with anything I watch/listen to, usually. I watch a myriad of shows (some subtitled!) while knitting in the evening. Also, I will knit less complicated things in front of the TV, and more complicated things on the couch. Either way, my pesky cat always wants my attention from either place.


I do love a cup of Earl Grey and only tried it after a cousin said she loved it and I needed to buy some for her a few years back....so only tried in my 50's lol Now doing so little knitting or crochet so do love seeing yours ☺☺ but usually in lounge or the car as a passenger ♥


I have a recliner in the living room that has a lamp table by it so i can see what i am knitting. Living in a mobile home does not afford a lot of knitting space. All my yarn is in pretty boxes on the shelf in my closet! lol


Lovely new sock and the color is wonderful for Winter. Talking about Winter we had snow earlier today, now we have a strong wind howling outdoors in a most frightening manner blowing snow and causing bad visibility. I like to crochet in different places of the house. In front of the TV or in my little corner at the small table in the kitchen. The yarns looks so pretty!


My knitting space is my rocker/recliner in the living room. My yarn is in the yarn room, patterns and books are in the spare bedroom bookcase (with overflow books in the living room bookcase) and my spare needles (circs) are in my needle organizer in the buffet. Why yes, I live alone except for the wild dog I share my house with (and he doesn't knit).

Love the color you picked for the socks. They are gorgeous!


I've been eyeing the 'my cup of tea pattern' for a while now and it's looking great in that colour! As for a knitting space, I don't really have a dedicated one, I usually just knit on the couch. I wouldn't mind though to have a cosy little nook just for me and my knitting/books.


I have a seat on the love seat that is my "space" to craft when I am in the family room. I have a table a basket and my knitting bag there at the ready. When both kids moved out (there stuff is still here though) I turned the guest room into a studio of mine. I like it and do not spend nearly enough time in there :)


First... I love the socks but yes I agree with Jodi why waste the time if you are not in love with it...Ha! this should be a guideline for life in general!

As for a work space, I have a whole craft area in my basement which is very nice but no windows,so it is where I sew and store my supplies but rarely knit or crochet there as i feel cut off form the world. '
I have a corner in my bedroom and have lately been working at my kitchen table as I find it is harder to fall asleep there rather in a comfy chair by my fire place!

Kathy b

I sit in a lounge chair most of the winter ,,,,,,with an electric blanket warming me in this old house. In the summer it's my screened porch sitting on a futon! Love your socks


I'm loving the new sock! I don't have a designated knitting space. When I move to my own place (sometime in the undefined future) I hope to have a room for a studio that I can fill with resources and inspiration, but for now my knitting is largely portable.


I made myself a knitting nook and enjoyed it for a bit, but I ended up back on the kitchen table. Really, what I need to a table in the nook.

I do like being able to have an area dedicated to craft. I find that I am more centered when all my materials are in one space.


oh my, that bowl of little sock yarn balls is like a bowlful of knitter's candy! I got an email last fall from a DIY site that wanted to profile my 'craft room', and I had to explain that i didn't have one- that I lived in a 2 bedroom condo and I knit on the couch and on public transit. They were not interested in a photo of the subway or my couch, sadly. They were pretty set on their regular feature of profiling inspirational craft rooms. Maybe because knitting is such a portable craft, it's easy to knit in any room you want- and perfect for doing while watching a movie or some tv!

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