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I'd like to go on a knitting cruise, maybe Ireland, Scotland; somewhere really yarny.

Vikki Harraden

Knitting and Yoga Adventures Mohegan Island Retreat
Any Squam retreat

All on the knitting buck list...


My favorite thus far has been New Jersey Sheep and Wool. But, I would love to get to go to Rheinbeck.


How inspiring! I think I'd better go get a copy and knit/live vicariously through Clara :)

Mary Beth

While my hometown doesn't have a yarn store - I have to drive 40 minutes to the closest one! - in the next big town, they have a yearly conference called "A Knitter's Fantasy." Some years I've gone just for the marketplace, and one memorable year, I met some Ravelry friends in person and took a class in spinning. Fun times!

Sue J

My favorite knitting event, in fact the ONLY knitting event I have experienced was last year at SAFF in Fletcher, NC. A year and a half ago, I moved to NC from Australia and anything yarn related at a craft show is almost an afterthought. I didn't know what to expect at SAFF....apart from I knew there was going to be yarn there and I'd seen some of the names on Ravelry...Like Miss Babs and Dragonfly Yarns! There was booth after booth of beautiful yarns and the choices were mind boggling. My husband had said to me "get whatever you want" and then when I was hugging my purchases (three skeins of sock yarn, a skein of lace weight yarn and a two sets of stitch markers) and said I was ready to leave, he said "Is that all you're getting?" (I'm keeping him! lol) My reply was..."This will keep me going until next year!"

Kylie M-W

I love the Toronto Knitter's Frolic, every year! It's close to home and full of lovely yarn.


I have never attended a knitting event...all the more reason to read Knitlandia!!


I've been to Vogue Knitting Live and it's a wonderland but I also enjoy going to our more local NH Sheep and Wool festival. Always a good time!


I, too, have yet to experience a knitting "event" and long to go to one that is also a retreat that includes luxurious cabins, new friends and lots and lots of yarn to look at and purchase.


Maryland Sheel and Wool mostly because I have been going since before I learned to knit. It was part of what inspired me to try and I still love it there. Haven't been to Rhinebeck though and I hear the food is better there.


I've been to the kitchener waterloo knitting fair, but it's a fairly small deal compared to what I hear about the other ones, though it seemed huge to me!
I would LOVE to go to Shetland wool week, im saving up to go after I finally leave school, but closer to home I love the glamour of vogue knitting live :)


First let me say I'm trying to type fast, so I can hurry and buy a copy of The Yarn Whisperer, and oh that book looks adorable!!
Sigh, I have not been to a knitting event, but oh yes, a knitting retreat, with knitting friends new and old, and yarn for sale is something I daydream about….one day:)


I dream of going to Shetland Wool week. In the dream, I also move to the UK and open a hugely successful yarn store.

Another dream on the list - move to Maine and become a best friend and traveling companion of Clara Parkes.


I've been lucky enough to go to several knitting events: Rhinebeck,a knitting tour of Ireland, and Plucky Shindig. each was wonderful in their own way.

Kim M.

I dream of going to a major fiber event. I don't live that many hours from the Maryland Sheep and Wool festival, but I have yet to attend, for a number of reasons. I believe this year, I might attempt to change that.

Longer term, I intend to go to Rhinebeck.

Chris S

I dream of having the knitting skills to be able to comfortably go to any knitting event available! Maybe that is the backwards way to look at it and I should say that I look forward to any fairly local yarn event so that I can learn MORE! (How's that?) Thanks for the give away - Chris


I dream of going to Rhinebeck or Stitches or Madrona, but they're all a little out of reach right now. I do have a small knitting retreat I make it a point to go to every year-it's usually around a dozen of us, almost always fewer than 20, and it's such a full, intimate weekend that as soon as I leave I can't wait to go back :)


I have signed up for a retreat! It is not until April. I am sometimes rather impatient to go pamper myself. It is a bit daunting to walk into an unknown situation. So many times I have done so and felt like an outsider. I am thinking that this will not happen here. Fellow yarnies are all so sweet!


I've never been to a knitting even, but hearing about them on my podcasts makes me eager to go. Rhinebeack or Stitches West seem awesome. Since I'm from Québec, I'm also looking for events in French and I might go at Twist since it's closer to home. Connecting with strangers who loves the same things then me, that must be so much fun!


I have been to a Stitches Market and so enjoyed it.
I also enjoy when just a few knitters get together and we have a gab session (if that counts).


I was so excited to pick up my copy last Sunday at the Barnes and Noble.

I haven't cracked it open yet. I'm waiting for when life settles down and I don't have to rush through it.


I have never been to a knitting/yarn event - they sound amazing. Something to dream about!


My favorite is Rhinebeck. It gets better every year. And for my DREAM knitting travels, a trip to Shetland and Scotland with knitting friends, good food, wooly sweaters, wine and laughter.

Anna Conway

My favorite knitting event is The Rose City Yarn Crawl in Portland, Oregon AND it happens to take place next week from March 3-6 2016. Can't wait. It's a ton of fun!!!

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