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What a delightful blog post! I also love knitting socks! I have a tough time getting a good fit (high instep) & have been struggling with various options for how to remedy this. I think I'm getting close using someone's suggestion to make the heel flap at least 4 rows longer.


Oh Andi, after reading this all I want to knit today is socks. I have one in progress and I am totally inspired to finish it. Thanks for all the work you do to bring us great content! xoxo


My favorite top down sock cast on is the Jeny's Stretchy Slipknot Cast-on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3n8E3I6Cg2k. Once I found this one, I abandoned all the rest! For mystical amazement, it ranks right up there with turning a heel. :D


Would you please tell me the name of the pattern for the blue socks in the last picture with the lace trees.

Marni Newhouse

Now THAT is a sock drawer! Oh my gosh, these photos are inspirational. I have only knit four pair of socks so am definitely still a beginner. These look so beautiful. I can't get over that sock drawer.


Great post Andi and what a gorgeous collection of socks! Pure inspiration and now I want to cast on lots of socks 😀


Shirlee--extending the heel flap has worked for those high arches in my family.


Loved seeing all the photos, especially the sock drawer...a thing of beauty it is! Wonderful interview.


Staci had some great tips. I started using at least one size up to cast on the top-down cuffs. And I like how she picks up whatever number of stitches she feels necessary for the gusset. I'm gonna try that. I usually pick up two more than the suggested number which is usually one more than the number of slipped sts. I double the last two as one, learning that from my designer friend, Queena Lee, who does that sometimes for underarm sts. I found Staci through browsing through the search function on IG. Her sock photos here are awesome.


Andi and Staci, You have both inspired me with this post. This really makes me want to knit more socks! Gorgeous photos. Thank you!! :)


Oh boy I am going to love this and will check thoroughly when have good wifi....in NZ on hols ☺☺


What an inspirational post! I look forward to reading more about sock knitting.


What a great opening to your series of sock posts! I've always felt like I've been a sock knitter, but sadly that's languished in the past couple of years. I'm finding my way back now, and this is such wonderful inspiration!

Lisa Clarke

I keep saying I'd love to knit socks, but then I give up after less than an inch of knitting. Tiny needles, sock yarn, and I just don't get along! I have to say, though, all of Staci's beautiful socks are making me want to try again.

kathy b

Great post. I love sock knitting. I Too pick up as many as I see fit in the gusset start.
I too took a class for my first sock.


Wow, I love love LOVE her socks! I want to be her! lol.
I am off to go favorite her on instagram. So glad you are doing this series!


Wow, so many lovely socks! ♥ Loved reading this :)


So neat! I love Staci's tip about picking up as many stitches that fit for the gusset, I'm going to do that next time.

Andrea @ This Knitted Life

Awesome! My socks saw some action at the river over the weekend? 100 degrees and time for swimming in clear, cool water. Hard to believe it has been a year since I started knitting socks. I guess I should do a post on that. Xoxo


what a fabulous post! And love her tip about starting with larger needles (Cuff down only). This post has me inspired to cast on!


Those are some very drool-worthy pictures!! Thanks for making this socks series, just what I needed to get my knitting mojo back :)


I love the monkey pattern by cookie a as well! a tried and true pattern. Lovely socks in all the photos :)


SO many pretty socks!

Looking forward to the rest of the sock series too!


Andi, I love this post! Great interview and I'm already scratching my head and rubbing my chin thinking, hmmm... cast on with larger needles eh? Just for the cast on eh? LOVE IT.

I am slowly wearing down my knit club to embrace sock knitting. I've got one down 3 more to go ...

Adore you Andi. Hope you're doing well my friend.

ps: excited to hear from Jesse!


Yay for socks series! As always, you are fabulous and inspiring. Hope you are having a great weekend!

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