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Caffeine Girl

I am really enjoying these interviews, especially since I always have socks OTN. Like Jesse, I love cuff down and don't worry about matching. It is so interesting is see other people's thoughts on socks.

Andrea @ This Knitted Life

More sock goodness! Whoo hoo! I spent yesterday knitting a dock by the river almost all day ( heaven). Dad kept Reed so I was kid free.


I am luving the sock series. I look forward to Sunday mornings with my coffee & your site. I always enjoy visiting here. Top down is also my favorite sock, my goal is to get a sock drawer full like you have.


Love Jesse's relax approach as to whether stripes match or not. I have been avoiding self striping because of matching fuss but after reading this post, I am ready to knit a non matching pair :-)


So many wonderful sock knitters in the world and I am thrilled that you are taking the time to introduce me to a few I had never met.
Much love!!!


I am not anal about matching socks. I have always felt it was expecting twins or same gender siblings to have the same personality. I roll my eyes at those in which it is a must for matching spot for spot. And LOVE Jesse!


The best thing about knitters is that we respect each other's preferences and understand we all knit differently for our own reasons. That said, I too prefer cuff down, traditional heel flap and gusset because it fits my foot. I like Jesse's relaxed approach to sock knitting. Hooray for knitters!


I love Sunday mornings too. I come around 9 cause I know that at that time, your post is usually out! Great posts on socks. I wish I could let go of having matching socks!!!

kathy b

Im sending this to my pal Teresa who is trying with socks again!


I totally agree with Jesse's relaxed take on stripe matching! I have a couple of pairs of perfectly matched socks that lined up by chance, but for the most part, I couldn't care less about figuring out where the stripe sequence is starting!


I'm loving the socks series. Thanks, Andi!


Once again so much sock inspiration, I'm really loving this series. Surprisingly enough I've never knit Hermione's everyday socks, even though it seems to be an all time fave for many sock knitters.


I am a cuff down one at a time sock knitter with heel flap and gusset too :) lovely interview!


I join the others in saying how much I am enjoying this series : ) I wish I could have a relaxed approach to knitting stripes but my OCD desire for two matchy-matchy socks is a curse, no doubt about it! I try my best but as Jesse has noted, sometimes despite the fact that they start out exactly the same, wee differences in your gauge or in the dye process can make things go a bit wonky. More than a bit sometimes. This is why I love speckled & solid colored socks more so than stripes, but of course I have oodles of self striping yarn! And I'm also a cuff down, one at a time on dpns, heel flap & gusset sock knitter : )


such a great interview! I'm loving all these tips, it's really helpful especially to someone who isn't as experienced with socks, like me.


Such lovely socks, the colors, the advice, and all the photos, even the kitty:) So wonderful! Thank you so much Andi and Staci, for sharing.

Fuego Azul

These posts are making me want to knit socks!! I keep using all of my sock yarn for shawls, lol.


Loving this series!


Beautiful socks Andi!! It is always a pleasure to see your work.

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