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Happy Sunday, Andi! Catching up today on all your sock series and I am loving it!! This is a completely new territory for me and I love reading all the answers and tips for sock knitting from such wonderful experts! As I understand we can ask a question? Mine would be - what fiber has to be avoided at all costs in sock knitting? Thank you!!


I used to not like Kitchener Stitching because the ends of the toe would come out funky. But now I don't mind at all because I found a good tutorial on the Alpaca Direct blog to avoid those "donkey ears." It works well and I'm more proud of my socks now.

Caffeine Girl

Still enjoying this series. Wish I could do magic loop socks, but the technique hurts my hands!

Shirley Flavell

Great interesting series thank you Andi. I love knitting socks but need to learn alternative ways of making them. I am a 4 DPN girl and can't shift from it.I do 1 sock at a time and yes have fallen into the 2nd sock syndrome but do finish them eventually. Love making socks for friends and family and don't need any excuse to start another pair off any time.Enjoy reading your blog.


Meeting Mina was fun! She certainly has made some gorgeous sock. I look forward to checking out her podcast. :-)

Have a great week!


Wow, 35 pairs in a month?!?!?! That's something to put on your resume for sure :) Even if her socks weren't as beautiful as they are, she would be an inspiration just by virtue of sheer output!


I am so happy you are doing these sock knitter posts, I love meeting all these beautiful souls!


Really helpful! great post! I'm just about ready to tackle knitting my first pair of socks!


I am in awe at the array of colors I see in her knitting, so beautiful!! I cannot imagine getting 35 pairs done in one month :) that's a lot of knitting!!


sch a great post! And I love that she is knitting her socks on the subway, too awesome, I love knitting on transit. Great tips about the sock toe, too!


35 socks in one month? I don't know what to say :) Wow wow wow :) The complete opposite of me!


Amazing!!! Beautiful socks!


Oh thank you dear Andi and Mina! I do believe you’ve finally made a sock knitter out of me! I really appreciate this series Andi. It calls for a celebration of tea! Have a lovely rest of the week.

Andrea @ This Knitted Life

I am tardy to the party...but anther great sock post! Toe-five! (Get it...High-five, toe-five...?)


Thank you Andi for the sweet post and lovely things you had to say!



a very interesting video. I have tried knitting 2 socks at once and enjoy this method but I cannot get rid of some holes at the side. I wonder if you have a quick fix for this

Susan S.

I have knit a lot of socks......55 pairs. But with each of these special sock knitters I found a new
hint/technique to help make my sock knitting journey even better! Thank you all.


These socks are amazing! i love hand knitted socks! and knitting anywhere and everywhere is fab :) Ruby http://www.sewingboxspalding.co.uk/knitting-wool-lincoln/

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