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I think you are right about this summer being hotter.

We've lived in Florida over 30 years and both Steve and I have been bothered a bit more by the heat this year. Maybe it's the weather. Maybe it is that we are getting older. Don't really know.

I do know I appreciate my new ice maker more than usual. That's my summer tip. Plenty of iced cold water, tea OR mock wine.

Mock wine: 1 to 2 oz. tart cherry juice, 12 oz. seltzer water and plenty of ice!

Susan S.

My sister in law lives in southern Phoenix. We have visited her when the temperature has been 118......gosh it is hot. My other sister in law lives in Pason where is is definitely cooler and greener. If it is not too far for a day trip that would be a change. People say Arizona has dry heat but 118 is hot any way you look at it and hard to be outdoors even in a park.


I really like that yarn you are using for your socks and the iced tea looks very refreshing too. I try to look for the best in each season but find it difficult when it is wet ,windy and cold. Have a lovely week. Leah x


Yay! I love the theme of a new KAL - I am definitely in! I am quiet opposite from you weatherwise - I love the heat and can't stand cold weather. I guess I had enough of it as a child :) I try to look at the bright side and enjoy all the fiber diversity out there trying new yarns and experimenting with my craft, it always brings me so much joy!


I wish I could gift you with some words of wisdom concerning the weather, but sadly I have none! It is 115 degrees outside with the heat index and the humidity is so bad you feel like you are melting, truly you do! I am ready for winter!!!

Jacqueline Webb

Andi, I think you must have our weather as here in the UK we've had rain, rain,and more rain oh and then some wind. So if you wouldn't mind I'd like you to send us some of your heat. This would be a win win situation as you would be cooler and we would be warmer. Give it some thought please. Jackie


Andi, I feel for you girl! I hate hot weather personally. Luckily here in the north east it has been milder than usual for the time being. I still can't wait for the colder months though! So to pass the time I remind myself how much the kids love summer, and I make a big list of things that need to be done before winter comes back around. That keeps us pretty busy!

On another note I finally tried sock knitting (because of you). I had double pointed needles and sock yarn and I was pumped! I cast on and tried, and tried, and tried. Threw a fit and then tried again. Something in my mind cannot grasp those darn DPNs! So I got a 9in circular needle. (I love my circular needle for my scarves.) And so far so good! LoL Not sure how they will turn out, but I'm at least enjoying the process now. :)

Have a lovely 4th and a great week!


Hello darling. I always look forward to your posts. I really, really love your version of Pebbles best. Sometimes I look at a project page and think another version sells me more than the original.
As for the heat, we just had a whole house fan installed. We keep the house like a cave the best we can. Around five we open the windows as it starts cooling down as the wind kicks up. And then we turn on the house fan for a few hours.


Andi, it has been hot here in the valley of the sun but......we haven't broken our record of 123 yet. Socks and dishcloths are the best items forme during these hot months.


I'm down in Tucson. Yes, we are usually a little cooler than you guys. However, I treat June, July, August, and September like the people in Bemidji, MN treat winter. I plan all year for my indoor "winter" projects. I hibernate. The only reason for me to leave the house is for groceries and I leave the house to do my shopping between 6 and 7 am. I'm usually home before 9 am. My house is comfortable so I don't really feel the heat. I'm retired and don't have to leave the house to work.


I have focused on what I LIKE about summer instead of complaining (it's so very easy!!). I've been enjoying new shorts that swish when I walk and sitting outside on the swing. I'm still drinking hot tea though :)


Andi, I live in New Zealand and we are in the middle of winter my most favourite season. I am definitely not a summer person as I say to my friends and family "you can always put on more clothes but there is only so much you can take off!"
I love your yarn so scrummy as always. :-)


Andi of course I love your socks...both the completed...in progress and about to start....enjoy your iced tea and I will sip hot tea here as winter...I do not enjoy hot weather but finding a river or lake and just watching ducks is great fun πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€


Duckies! how can they NOT make you happy?

this year's weather is odd everywhere. here by me in nj it's typically cooler than normal. i'm typing this with a hoodie on at 10 am. hope your iced tea is helping.

and after your waxing about that Rose Lemonade i'm gonna try some.

Caffeine Girl

I don't do well in the heat. My treat to myself in hot weather is Very Berry Hibiscus Via by Starbucks. It's a very tasty iced tea that you can make at home. I also like iced coffee, so I try to focus on that!


I have that Happy Hands yarn in a different colorway queued up for my current sock project! I've had it forever and I'm always tempted by it but never seem to actually knit it. Soon, soon.

And I don't know what to do about dealing with summer, honestly. Aside from air conditioning, which I don't have right now.


I will take a cookie, thank you! :) I like ice tea in the Summer however I like it with lots of honey. I am notty I know. I love ducks and was glad to see so many different types of ducks and geese here in ND. This place is so much like MN. Your socks are gorgeous!!!! Thanks for the song and have a wonderful Summer time Andi! Hugs!


What a lovely post Andi - I love that song you shared :)
S is for, what a great idea. I may have to re-join you all. I Keep coming and going, just like my knitting. I can never decide what I want to make.
I'm so happy you are staying positive, and I bet those duckies make it easier. They are very lovely ;)

Andrea @ This Knitted Life

You always have the prettiest colors. Always. I finished one sock this weekend... 3/4 a second sock to go....


Hey there, I'm with you Lady -- hot as a depot stove here in Texas. This is the first summer in 5 years I haven't run away to the Smokies -- missing it so much 😒. Anyhoo, re: attitude -- just trying to be grateful for the AC, swimming pools, and tubing in cold river water. But, can not wait for fall!

Julia Cieslak

Wonderful post! When I'm feeling down about the weather, (which happens in the summer more often, as i hate the heat) I play fun summer music. Fore some reason, country is my go-to for "heatwave music." Firecracker, when the sun goes down, etc. The "farmer themed" songs are the best; there's something about thinking about farmers (who can rarely afford AC) sweating and working through the summer that puts it in perspective for me.


That yarn is delightful! Even with pooling, it will be a lovely bright, colorful pair of socks :) I dislike the heat too, and while I keep trying to adjust, the weather keeps swinging back and forth, teasing me with mild days!

Fuego Azul

Good for you on finding new ways to take on a positive perspective! :)

Summer isn't my favorite season, & I too turn hot drinks to cold with the flick of my wand, lol. I make excuses to put down my wooly WIPs & start new ones in cotton. I indulge in resting in the shade whenever I can, enjoy the long twilight hours of summer & the very early morning hours. I remember to breathe deep; & every morning I start by saying, "A miracle will happen today." That always gives me a better perspective as I look for the blessings in my life & not the troubles. :)


Let's trade weather! Seattle has been in the low to mid 60s for the past week and I could use some warmth!


I love summer but not the hot & humid weather that we have been experiencing lately. However, despite the heat, we try to get outside for a little bit each day. Being in the fresh air, hearing the birds sing, feeling the drops of rain fall as we make our way along the nature trail, sitting on the pier & watching the boats come in .... all these things are part of the season here and I treasure them. As for dealing with the heat, I find ice cream, salads & fun summer music playlists work wonders. Also colorful yarn & sock knitting of course!
Love your cute pebbles sock!

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