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This morning when I woke up, the sun was just a little different. Fall IS coming even if the thermometer doesn't think so.

Thank you for all those wonderful links. I'll be checking them all out this week.

Your first photo just evokes a wonderful feeling of autumn. Don't know why ....maybe it's the dark tea and the branches on the mug.

Wishing you a WONDERFUL week. You certainly have started mine off with a smile.


It's amazing how long these blankets take, isn't it? Mine just turned 6, and I'm only halfway to where I want it to be.


I always enjoy when you put a list of blogs "you enjoy". I am always looking to add to the blogs I read!
I've been knitting on my ZickZack scarf for almost two years now. I had it fairly far along, messed it up, and then had to start it over! I WILL have it done to wear this winter!

Linda in VA

Andrea @ This Knitted Life

I can't believe August has come to an end (almost). Just crazy. Prepping for fall knitting feels good though. Enjoy your trip up north. I have never been to northern AZ but it is on my list!


Hi Andi - good morning to you, and yes, Fall is on the Way! I am so longing for cooler days, baked goods and the cozy feelings I have been missing. And of course, Knitting without Sweating. It has been a very long hot dry summer here in the North East. I have to ask though, is Glenna really your sister? I am faithful to her blog as well as yours, and did I miss that somehow?


There isn't much tree action here either Andi, I just watch the marsh, it goes from green to brown.
I'm thrilled that you are going to knit Silverleaf, it's such a pretty shawl.


Fall is still a dream away.....but I'm definitely dreaming!!! Love all the blog-loves; you always introduce me to so many great sites!!! (and thanks for the shout-out on mine...)
Also always love to see all your great mugs! :)


lovely socks and of course I love the blanket. Mine is going on two years old as well for being on the needles and this might be the year it is done..maybe.


Oh boy, I do hope autumn is pushing its way to get here. I will check out that tea brand. It's funny, in podcast I had said I wasn't a fan of Tazo fruit tea but I've been drinking those two boxes lately. When I desperate for tea, I'm open to anything.

Claudia Bugh

I'm feeling Fall in my soul too!!! The shadows are falling differently and the evenings are noticeably shorter now. I'm intrigued with your plum tea, yesterday morning at the farmer's market I sampled some plum jam that was unexpectedly fabulous. I enjoyed visiting all your links and I appreciate the sweet comment on my Doodler :) Wishing you a fab week ahead.


Andi, you are a love. Thank you so much for including me in this delightful list! I've already put that Doodler in my queue at Ravelry! Not that I needed to add any more to an already very long list! Heck, now that I'm planning on picking up my needles again, I have 3 different socks I want to knit first.

Yes, even here on the West Coast, autumn is in the air, leaves are beginning to yellow and fall, and the flowers are showing their summer wear.


You always have the greatest lists! I'm so excited for autumn and cooler weather, I can't wait to see summer on its way out!


Always such a pleasant surprise to be in your loves, Andi! I am so happy you liked "travelling" with me! I can't wait to check all my favorite blogs, I missed do much this month!! Have a great week!


How is the end of the month already!? I always love your "loves" post, but I am a little alarmed it's come around again so soon! Haha. Guess that means autumn is almost here. Hard to complain about that ;)


Hello Andi! So glad you enjoyed reading my blog, I also love your monthly features!

Those are some beautiful socks you have nearly finished, they'll be such a nice treat to wear for the fall! I also love to knit socks, but all of my sock projects are on hold as currently the only wool I have in my backpack is thicker wool good for hats, mitts and maybe baby booties, but not so much for socks. I guess I'll have to make do with what I have for now! Happy end of August :)


One step closer to autumn indeed :) We almost made it through to warm weather! Lovely list of August loves, I enjoyed every one of them!


So true, fall is coming! The trees have these golden edges to them, just the barest beginning. Even here in England. Your sock yarn blanket is coming along great, and that plum tea sounds crazy good. I've been going nuts with the tea here in England, and we only arrived yesterday! Thanks for all the great blog links, and of course, I always love your song choice. Lavery is new to me, but now i need to check out more of his stuff- I loved this song.


I love that its always sock yarn/sock season with you Andi. I hope you get that trip up north. I struggle with the salad. I find tomato salad, cucumber salad, beet salad happy things, but really sometimes all I want is a boring old butterleaf. I tried to eat like I was French and finish with the salad but I would eat too many other things, so I'm back to eating my veggies first cold or hot. hehe. All the best.

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