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Hello , I was excited seeing your post as I am knitting the very same sock pattern but in a purple shade :) Love how yours are turning out xx Today I am grateful for a little time to read some blogs.


I am in a pensive mood right now, so counting my blessings comes at the perfect time.

I am grateful for knitting my newest project, the Silversmith Hoodie. Progress is a bit slow but the fabric that develops is so squishy and the colour is lovely.

I am grateful that school starts again tomorrow. I can go back to a job I basically love and see my friends / coworkers again.

I am grateful that there will be more summery days to come, it's not over yet, even if the days are getting shorter and it's cooler in the mornings.

I am looking forward to my next holidays which will allow me to get to a new country and to learn about yoga.

I hope that nobody wants to adopt my kids cats anytime soon (my exhusband is trying to give them away because they keep peeing everywhere - I understand why he is fed up but I am also sad because I love these stupid cats)

I am happy that I can share my thoughts with people from all over the world. It helps to find the silver lining in everything ;-)


I enjoy seeing all of the little things that make your life so special. I love the socks! I appreciate your posts each week.


Hi Andi, I'm sorry you're still sweltering! Im sooo grateful that we have had a week or more of lovely wonderful rain here in TX -- really unusual for us in August. It's funny how weather effects our moods, isn't it? Most folks around here seem so much happier when we get rain & the 100+ degree siege breaks. I know I am! Anyway, looks like you've got a very nice arsenal of cabin fever relievers - pretty much the same for me. Love your pretty socks! Wishing & hoping you have cooler temps in your patch soon.


Those Honey Badger socks are just so sweet and feminine! So pretty.

I will have to check out that podcast. I've just started watching some. It's a wonderful background to knitting. (Much better than TV).

Andrea @ This Knitted Life

I just love all these Circus Tonic colors you gone up. I gotta track some of that down... Hot here too. Lots of swimming to survive.


Do tell. Hat are your favorite cookies?


I love your mother's quote. I'm constantly saying (sometimes only silently to myself and other times to those around me), "love what you have".

For those who use DPNs I really love the DPN holder -- it's lovely! And I really love the gentle colour of that sock yarn.

Speaking of books. I finished "An Unfinished Life" and really loved it. Hope things soon cool off your way.


I am tired of the heat here also. What is Arizona heat like? Ooh, I like that little biscuit you're having w/your tea. Is it chocolate shortbread dipped in white chocolate? I love your little yarn bowl. That kind of item is on my shopping list for STITCHES '17.


Great post Andi! Beautiful socks! I am always thankful for my faith in God for without it life would not be meaningful. Of course I am thankful for a million other things, big and small. Beautiful Sunday here in the Dakotas!


I hope cooler weather finds you soon! I just finished a shawl last night and I'm itching to block it out to see it's true beauty :)

Anna Jane

Oh wow, thanks Andi - how exciting! As for counting things to be grateful for I agree; it is always keeps perspective in check when I keep a gratitude list. A few would include: a yarn stash to knit from, enjoying sunny skies in my backyard with my dog, and delicious meals with dear friends. Much love to you Andi & again, thank you for the giveaway :)

Caffeine Girl

The thing I am the most thankful for is that my children are healthy and happy and pursuing their dreams. Then there are friends, family, knitting, sketching,good books.


I check in with your blog now and then and always love your photos,quotes and tea time. I laughed when I saw the pink and white circus cookies! I love them but keep it a secret because they are so not sophisticated. I'm so happy to see another adult who loves them too.


Oh my gosh, I am so excited to see you reading Fairyland!! I love that book and series so much. I sincerely hope you enjoy it! :D


Hi Andi I'm Stefania congratulations for your blog, I like your post, pictures, and music that you share. I learn a lot thank you and have a nice week


That needle holder is so cute! We are experiencing a very hot week that seems like it came out of nowhere (I swear it was like autumn just last week). So I totally feel your complaints! That rain song certainly is helping me, lovely!

Karen Juliano

Lovely thoughts. I love a good rain but of course it depends... not if you were going to attend an outdoor sporting event. Very nice, though, if you've got knitting or reading. I'm thankful that the weather here has cooled off - even early it seems, yet we still have a few tomatoes on the vine! Happy knitting :)


That Catherynne Valente book is amazing! I'm almost finished with the series!


Oh those sweet pink socks....looks like it is weaved with cotton candy. Love it!!

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