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Caffeine Girl

I appreciate your tea temptation. I'm trying to get more into tea since coffee is too caffeinated for me to drink after noon and I don't like the taste of decaf.

Very sweet socks!

In general, I don't get slow tv, but this was is fun. Must be the knitting.


Yes, the yarn and the pattern worked together, BUT without the beautiful stitching they would be NOWHERE!!

Your socks turned out gorgeous. I put that pattern right into my queue!

I had a bit of a tea buying weekend LAST weekend -- a Taylor's peppermint, an unbranded amaretto and London's Cherry/Apple. Looking forward to cooler evenings with a favorite cuppa.

Jacqueline Webb

Hi Andi, thank you for sharing both the tea and the slow TV. I was at a local village show the other week and there was a wool stall there. They had a few spinning wheels they were demonstrating, but my favourite one was a walking wheel. It was really quite large and the young lady that was demonstrating it made it look oh so easy. Apparently it is also loaned out for historical film or tv shoots. The wheel itself was really lovely a work of craftsmanship. The little socks look really sweet and a lovely colour. Hope you have a good week and the weather starts to cool down for you soon. Jackie


"Knitting Puppet" love it... I think that could apply to any number of your readers :-) Sorry to have to confess that I detest Earl Grey Tea in any form (too much bergamont perfume notes for me) but do enjoy a good cuppa from Red Rose tea "Only in Canada, you say"

Happy Labour Day to all the hard working women and men inside and outside the home!


There was a story going around about knitting and netflix recently, so that's funny they added the knitting show.

I love your tea photos. I will have to find some good orange tea. I sent you that one variety once and I love that one. :)

I have never thought of knitting as being "the puppet" for the yarn and the pattern, but that does make sense when you say it. We just guide the yarn along as it does the magic. Hmmmm there may be a poem there...

Hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend!


Maybe you need a trip down here to Tucson where it's only 98 right now. lol At least it's not 117 like it was when I made a trip up to Phx earlier this year. lol


Cute socks. The pink is sweet. I made some loose green tea leaves in a little circular strainer recently. What a different taste although my leaves were technically years old. I had gotten them from my SIL's bridal shower. They've been married at least four years now. There is a David's tea on University Avenue near Stanford. I'll have to make a trip out there one day.


It's already starting to feel like fall up here in Ottawa. It's still hot, but the humidity is gone, and the evenings are getting quite cool. I'll miss summer, but I am definitely excited about the cooler weather. Since I knit two lopi sweaters through the sweltering summer, can I take some credit for the lower temperatures now? Haha. Even if it doesn't bring on the cooler weather, knitting certainly brings excitement to falling temperatures.


The weather here lately is very fall like, it's amazing! The leaves are even already changing! I'm enjoying it so much :) Hope you're having a great long weekend!

Shirley Flavell

Love your socks, great pattern.Spring here in N.Z. windy and cool today with cherry blossom petals flying everywhere and pollen.Always interesting to hear about your tea.Don't like Earl Grey, am allergic to Bergomot, at least I know so can avoid it.Like the sound of your orange tea.


Love how those socks turned out! I was smitten with them even before they were finished ;-)

I love seeing the guys on that film knitting. I mean I know/knew men knit and all but it's great to see modern men featured on a video too.

I'm not much for tea. I think that's because I really do not like any of the additives these days and those flavourings. I used to enjoy a good black tea, such as Orange Pekoe, as long as it was the leaves and not a bag. But still, I'm not a huge fan of tea anymore. It's lovely though to see you do enjoy a good Orange Pekoe -- I do love the aroma of tea very much!

Keep cool and have a splendid week!

Andrea @ This Knitted Life

Happy Sunday. I will have to research where I can source David's tea..Amazon I wonder? Can't wait for the new Gilmore girls. I don't get to stream Netflix....just old fashioned DVDs, so I have to wait for the new ones. TRAGIC.


Gonna be honest, tea does nothing for me. I've tried to like it. Told myself it was amazing and bought different types. But alas, I never like it, and I go crawling back to my Keurig. I need my coffee!

As for your socks, they turned out super cute! Even if you were just the "knitting puppet"! LoL!

That knitting show looks good. Makes me wish I still had Netflix. It seems like the PBS channels are phasing out their crafting shows. It's hard to even find Fons & Porter on anymore, and they are the end-all-be-all of the quilting world. It's a shame that more focus is not put into the crafting arts.


Such lovely knits! Hope you had a good Labor Day-your plan sounds perfect! My Labor Day involved lots of couch knitting and tv as well-I can't think of anything better!


I changed the porch pillows from summer to autumn....changed out the front door wreath----and came in totally soaked. WHAT AM I THINKING? sept = fall, right? Please tell this to the weatherman....today was 93 with what felt like 110% humidity (yeah, I know, not possible, but tell my body that!)
I'm with you...INSIDE and knitting in the a/c!!!


Those socks are lovely, and even though I agree the yarn and pattern are perfect, I wouldn't consider myself just a sock knitting puppet. More like a sock knitting conductor I would say :) Crucial to the sock knitting process and ultimately in charge of the direction of the project.


Love your tea cups/mugs! My absolutly favorite tea (especially in autumn): http://www.teegschwendner.de/tee/products_detail.mfpx?selected_products_id=1135


I hope you enjoyed your long weekend, dear Andi! I love this blue yarn - such a gorgeous color!


Love your socks! You may have mentioned this before....your sock toes are nice and round. What pattern do you use to get them like that?


Love the pretty pink socks!


your new pair of socks are quite pretty and now at the ready for colder days. If only the days were colder!!!


You know, I'm a total David's Tea addict but I've never tried their Orange Pekoe- it seems like such a stalwart tea that I figured that I was good with my PG Tips or Yorkshire Gold! I'll have to give it a try. Your beautiful pink socks are wonderful! And matching yarn to pattern is an art unto itself (one I fail at regularly). I am super excited to watch slow tv knitting in netflix.... hopefully when I get back from vacation I'll have some time to watch netflix after the kiddos are in bed.

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