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I love your posts and love the songs that you share, honestly I know singers and songs that I didn't know before. Thank you


Happy Sunday Sweet Andi! Lovely post today and I'm so happy that your computer has been fixed. Love those socks you are knitting! Opal yarn is so awesome. Happy knitting πŸ˜€


Missed seeing your post last week! Glad to see you are back. Love the sock yarn...self-striping yarn is so motivational!

Jacqueline Webb

So glad you are back I've missed you. Wasn't sure if you were unwell so sent get well vibes out. Then thought you may be on a little holiday so sent you happy holiday vibes. Didn't think about computer break downs. Any hoo glad you're back. The song is lovely I really enjoyed it. Gosh the shawl colour yarn is fabulous. Take careen joy the rest of the week.


One of the first things I do on Sunday mornings when I log-in to my computer, is to check your blog. I enjoy the musings, the pictures, the suggestions, the patterns, the yarn, the teas, the music, the suggested blogs, and the quotes in the top right corner! In other words, I love everything about your blog.

I appreciate your dedication to your blog. Thank you!


I was one of those worried about you. I'm so glad it was computer problems and not health issues.
I love the shawl you're working on -- the colour too.
You are so dedicated to your readers. I sure hope it isn't too much with all the things you need to buy for everyone.
Wishing you a really lovely week ahead in this delightful autumn!

Caffeine Girl

Life without a laptop is unimaginable! I live in fear of mine breaking. Although, I do have a laptop at work, so I suppose I'd survive!
Of course you had to cast on those socks. Such perfect colors for fall.


I'm so glad you are back. I missed seeing your post last week. Glad it was nothing more serious keeping you away from blogland.


I was gobsmacked, I'll tell ya - when I went to your blog last week and there was no post! I was like - oh, hope she is okay - and that it is something simple - or you were on a lovely vacation!!

My question - where do you purchase that Opal yarn from? I want some and can't seem to find any online sources!! And what shawl is that in the photo?

Linda in VA


I would have died if my computer was gone for 1 1/2 weeks!! so so glad all is right in your world. Welcome back!!


as much as i love to travel (and actually DO it rather a lot), not having access to my computer and blog friends sort of messes up the rhythm of my life! So glad you have your rhythm back!!!


I missed you Andi. I am just glad the computer had difficulties and not you! The socks look like fun. I just cast on a pair of socks out of Opal - the skein I won from your blog. Both yarns are making me smile. Have a good week.


I did wonder where your blog was last week! Glad you are ok!

What lovely friends you have for giving such great gifts. OH! I forgot to tell you I got your tea and it's amazing :)

Life is stressful over here, but settling down. I am glad the weather is cooling off a bit cuz I'm sick of the humid heat of Texas.


Aw, dang computer, but yay on dang, you got hooked up! Cute boxes of tea. I covet that Opal yarn; I love it. I love Fall; today we had a sporadic moment of rain; it was so weird. I just put together some buttermilk waffles batter; GTG check on it. TTYL darlin'.


I missed your post last week. I am glad you are back! Technology is a pain I am always having issues with my laptop. Yay for the new KAL. Hopefully I will find some time to join this one:).


Welcome back! It looks like you got some lovely mail packages this week, and your socks are looking delightful, as always :) That's such a great fall-colored yarn, I know the socks are going to be fantastic!


I hope to join the ranks of sock-knitting-addict soon as I'm getting ready to cast on my very first pair this week:) Going to go and check out your KAL now!!


I did miss you last week Andi, and I'm so glad you are back!

Gail L.

I don't comment often but wanted to tell you that I missed you last week. Your blog is the one I always check on a Sunday morning - I wondered if you were okay. Love your posts - always so calming ...... knitting and tea, 2 of my favourite things.


Glad you got your computer fixed. Isn't it awful without access to the online knitting world! Your new projects look lovely as always.


So glad that your laptop got fixed and you are back to the swing of things! Your shawl and sock are looking lovely, and what an amazing package- so generous of Sarah! And I haven't heard of Dresses before- so good!!


So happy to have you back! <3 The KAL sounds wonderful, as ever, I'll join!


I know what you mean. When i dont keep up with the blogs or podcasts I feel out of it. Christmas knitting is in full swing, and I've been working on a giant griffendor hoodie and a lace shawl. I'm also involved in swaps again. Sonething about fall just makes me want to knit like crazy!

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