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2017 does seem to be The Year of Sock Knitting and I'm looking forward to filling MY box with 12 pairs of socks.

Have a very knitty day!


I love sock yarn - I just do not love knitting socks - so sad. I think I am finally okay with this reality in my knitting life!


What an interesting e-book! I'll have to pick it up. Thanks for posting about it :)


Love the books that include how-to information, it is so nice to have the extra "behind the scenes" tips how to make modifications and customization. Happy Sunday!


Knitted socks are beautiful!! I imagine they must feel soft! I will check the site and see what they have for crochet!!! Have a great knitting week!


I surely do enjoy hand knit socks but I know I won't get time to knit a 'box full'. I'm hoping to get time to at least knit 2 or 3 pair this year. I'm nearly finished my sweater. Trying to knit in December and over the New Year is disastrous for trying to carve out time. Normally a sweater only takes me a few weeks but this has been about 6 weeks! so far.


It is always good to hear a trusted opinion about fiber-related books out there. And I'll be joining in on your Personal Sock Yarn Clube 2017. I know my LBK Christmas Eve CO won't be eligible but since Frankie is now done and documented, I can cast on another sock for Yarngasm's Box of Sox KAL as I missed it last year.
Also, glad to be able to be a part of your Stash Down 2017. I have three WIPs tagged.


Bring on the Year of the Sock!! I am looking ahead to possibly participating in some Socktober KALs this year, i think that would fun. And to try tow up socks, since the toe is where I often struggle- I have wide, square toes, and most toe pockets are no fun for me!


I've been meaning to knit more socks for a couple years now-I used to get so many pairs done when sitting in class, and now I'd rather knit bigger things in my free time :( But I'm definitely checking out some sock KALs, and even if I don't participate, I'm definitely using them for inspiration and motivation!


I am wearing a pair of hand knit socks as I type this. They are such a treat to wear :) Happy New Year!!

Fuego Azul

Thank you & Jody! (Where's my debit card?)
There must be something in the air because this is the year I decided to try more socks too. I actually just started knitting a guage swatch for a pair.

Andrea @ This Knitted Life

Important question for my sock knitting expert friend (that is you), do you like nylon in your sock yarn??? Or prefer yarn without nylon?

Opal @Threadlover

Interesting indeed. In August 2016, I decided to knit more socks. Since that time I've knit thirteen. January, I knit five. My standard it to knit four at a time, toe-up on one long circular cable. My goal for this year is to knit 20 pairs of socks. I just need to knit 15 more!

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