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Gorgeous colors, I love the slight specks of coloring in them. And definitely a great stress reliever.

Tanya Smith

I love the colors! The promo code does not seem to be working on the website. Thank you.


what a lovely interview! I've followed Brandy's progress over the years and have so much enjoyed seeing her just bloom as a dyer. Can't beat this yarn!


Thank you so much. Lovely colors. The promo code is not working on Etsy or the website : -(.


Her yarn reminds me a little bit of Koigu. VERY pretty.


Sorry everyone! I hadn't activated the code this morning for you all, but it is working now!


Next pay check I may take you up on that code, because all of those violets and yellows in the first photo are calling my name!

Thank you for sharing, I always love learning the story behind the handmade items - it adds a little something extra.


What fun Andi! I love hearing about indie dyers! I use to only shop certain ones but this past year I've become more adventuresome and it's been a fun journey. The color you selected for your socks is perfection ~ enjoy :)


The colours of these yarns are so amazing! Very interesting to read the idea behind them and how the business started in the first place :)


Ooh! What a fun colorway name, Champagne Toast. I have been following her on IG, always drooling over her yarn. Since there is a discount code, may have to squeeze some in.

Shirley Flavell

Love the colours. I am lucky enough to have some of Brandy's yarn for a shawl. It is so soft and luscious.


Beautiful!! Brandy is a Toronto dyer, so local to me- I'm excited to try out her yarns one day! They look amazing.


Gorgeous colors. I've been following Long dog yarn on instagram for a while with drool dripping over my phone. It's so nice to hear I'm not the only PhD who would like to do something completely different (=design knitwear) than what I got my PhD for.


Thanks for this Andi. I love that she 'discovered' her passion for knitting after one pair of socks but that it really led to her passion for dyeing.
Your comments about the yarn speak to me. I too have found, with the few socks I've made, that it's really obvious through the knitting how the socks will turn out. Lux yarn can be felt immediately and I would have a hard time going back to the 'cheap' stuff. Fewer socks, if necessary.
Thanks so much.


Beautiful yarns! Thank you for introducing her work! Sweet little socks!


I love her yarn! Her colors are so much fun!


It was lovely to read the interview and it is so inspiring reading about crocheters and knitters who love the craft so much to start dying yarns. I think this is something I would love to do one day too. I love the color that you chose, the sock looks great! have a good weekend!

kathy b

I agree, you can usually see how the yarn is going to play as you knit it up i agree!!!! Lovely yarn for socks

Amy C

Welp, there goes my plan to knit from stash. Such lovely colors! And I can always comfort myself that I'm supporting an indie yarn business, right? Right?


Yesterday I went into our LYS and was delighted to see Long Dog Yarn hanging in her store! Sadly I didn't buy one but will be going back after the current pair of socks and will pick something out from LDY.

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