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If the blanket ever ends then what will you do with all your sock yarn scraps? I think making it a never ending one is a fabulous idea.

I love those grey socks. I'm a little confused about why you won't wear them, but I guess we all have our traditions.

Happy Sunday Andi :)


Yummy combination of tea and socks Andi (love that name "champagne toast")! I'm excited to see what you are test knitting - I've considered being a test knitter but have never taken the leap...


Geisha is beautiful, but then I guess ALL Geishas are, aren't they! LOL

The Pillars pattern went right into my queue. That looks like a fun pattern and you made yours beautifully!

Wishing you a sweet week filled with joyful knitting!


Oh I am in serious, serious envy now. That Fondant Fibre Geisha is quadruple swoon worthy. I am so envious, but in a good way of course. I really like that Pillars pattern. Just a nice textural column to add a little something to beautifully sleek socks. There's the type of pattern for socks that's up my alley for me to knit. Currently I am knitting a pair of Cup of Tea socks using some stash for the toes (and likely also the heels) but with a recently purchased yarn from my LYS. Back to the lovely Geisha, still swooning up here in Canada! Have a lovely week.

Caffeine Girl

That Fondant Fibre is Geisha is .. well, Diane said it best: "quadruple swoon worthy." We do live in an amazing creative community. If only I could knit faster, as there are so many knit-worthy yarns!

Thank you so much for your kind words last week. They actually made me cry, in a good way!

Looking forward to both the garment and blanket!


I always have a couple of long-term projects going that are intended to be long-term which are not socks - I'm very faithful & monogamous about my knitting which means only 1-2 at the most so I don't lose control. And I made you proud and got really carried away at Long Dog Yarn after reading your post a couple of weeks ago! Such beautiful & fabulous yarn - thanks for the recommendation. Happy Knitting.


Yes, Sundays are meant to be lazy & relaxing! Those are the best kinds.Your Pillars sock is beautiful and the pattern will be going into my very long sock list :) Thank you for the info on Woods. It sounds like a wonderful collaboration. Have a great week!

Shirley Flavell

Fondant Fibre in Geisha is just to die for, love it, many squeels:)I have loved all the socks you have made and I'm really impressed the numbers you are putting through.I viewed the Woods video, it looks wonderful and 2 lovely ladies/girls.Just might get the book.

Andrea @ This Knitted Life

I LOVE your top socks I wouldn't be able to resist wearing them right away. You are a strong woman!


fondant....what a perfect name for that yarn!! happy sock knitting!


my blanket is the same age and I doubt it will be finished this year....but you never know. Nice socks!!!


Can't wait to see the blanket!


You pick the best sock yarn, Andi. I love that speckled pink one.


I think you are approaching your blanket in progress so happily- these things totally take time, and you are enjoying it and not rushing to a finish line - sounds divine! Your Long Dog Yarns socks are lovely, and that pink speckled yarn is truly beautiful! I love the mini skein swap idea- next time that is happening in your group, I hope I hear about it!


I read this blog post earlier in the morning and have been thinking about that pink yarn all day! Really bummed to see that there is none for sale on the Fondant Fibre site. It is so pretty!!


Always love your socks and here I am actually knitting a pair for a sister and also my daughter so plenty of round and round on my mini circulars lol and while away in NZ looking for more sock wool xo


I love the color of the pink yarn, and those socks turned out beautifully. Thats good you will be testing out a pattern for WOODS, it looks exciting and I feel like I would love to be knitting out there in the woods too. That would be great if you shared the blanket!


Can I just echo what everyone else has written about the Geisha yarn. That pink is too pretty for words. I too went over to that Etsy shop to see what else the dyer might offer. Have a good week. Thanks for the lovely photos. Tea and yarn is such a good combination.


Cannot wait to see an update on your blanket :) And nothing wrong with knitting lots of socks of course!

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