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Hi Andi, your box o sox is shaping up nicely, I did the same thing last year and saved all the socks and wore them over Xmas which felt like a really special present to myself. I'm going to do the same this year too. Love the loves as usual, oh those snowy pictures 💕 and a couple new blogs to add to the list, thank you, Lisa

Kirsten Barbosa

Oh, congratulations Sydney!

Andi, those socks look so gorgeous in a pile like that! And whoever that yarn dyer is, I'm in love with that colorway in the back. :)

Deborah Eichel

I always love when you post favorite things for us to see. Thank you! I enjoy your blog so much.


So many beautiful blogs to share, I had to click onto them all. My favorite was the felting for sure - I want to try it sometime soon.

That tea looks heavenly, as does the new yarn! I can't wait to learn more about it ;)


I look forward to your posts every week, thank you! And your links are always great. I've added the coaster project to my queue and am off to enjoy the other blogger sites now.

Love your idea of a sock a month and enjoying them in 2018, too. If I could ever make 2 socks the same size, I'd like to work on that, too.


I looked up that Inland Grey! That sounds wonderful. I may have to make a purchase. LOL

You are SUCH an enabler!


That sounds wonderful to have a whole bunch of fresh new socks at the beginning of 2018! And enjoy the wonderful new tea, and that simply scrumptious new yarn! Excited to hear more about it. And thank you so much for including me in your round up, it is always an honour!

Gwen Roberts

I look forward to your Sunday blog.. I always read it instead of starting the supper dishes in a timely fashion! My blog list gets longer because of you... hope you keep on blogging.


The box o sox is a great idea! I love the idea of setting knitting goals - turns a hobby into an occupation ;) Really, setting concrete goals seems to motivate me more than goals like "knit as much as possible." I'm making/finishing twelve sweaters this year, and maybe I'll try the twelve pairs of socks next year.

Andrea @ This Knitted Life

So impressed you are resisting those socks until January! Although maybe you're nuts. We will have to talk and discuss!


Having a fresh pile of socks for the new year seems very appealing! Since I knit socks all through the summer, I find it quite exciting to have a new pile of socks to wear just as soon as the weather turns cool.


I love how the socks turned out! that is a good idea to save up your socks for next year, you will really enjoy wearing them all in 2018! those skeins look great, I can't wait to hear about the indie dyer next Sunday! have a good week!

jody from knotions

great March loves! (as always)

i particularly loved the sock hop and jessica's post (also on socks)...big surprise.


I just finished watching the Knitting Pretty video and it was so enjoyable! Loved the models in their 1950's skirts and the narrator was so British! A little knitting history lesson! Thanks, Andi!

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