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Vanessa's Skein of 'Wishes of Wanna' Is gorgeous and pink! :D I'd love to knit that up into some socks!
Nessa x



I love bb guns and black eyes but all the colours are amazing


Ooh, I think my favourite is Choke Out, although Thunder is tempting me too.
Thank you for the giveaway and Happy Easter!


Awesome colors! I'm in the Rotten Banana mood, mostly because bright colors feel like spring!


Pyromorphite punch is beautiful!


Wishes of Wanna is gorgeous!


Good Morning Andi and Happy Easter if you celebrate it, if not Happy Spring! Living in the North East, Spring is always a welcome sight. And it is Spring that draws me towards the colorway "Pyromorphite Punch" I like the first one with more yellow and pink tones mixed in. Of course, the girl in me that keeps knitting with grey this year really liked Thunder too. That would make a nice pair of socks that go with everything I wear to work. Thanks for introducing us to another dyer and the giveaway too.


AMAZING colors. I love - "rustard."


Love the "choke out" colorway. So pretty.


It's always so interesting to hear what inspires indie dyers . My favourite color from died in the wool is definitively Rustard .


i think i like Choke Out best!


I love the Flagrant Mayhem colorway. It is gorgeous!!


I love the flagrant mayhem colorway. Beautiful! Best wises to Vanessa on her growing business!


So many lovely color ways! My favorite is Thunder.

Katrina Fast

I really like Flagrant Mayhem! It's just so...much!


Oh "rotten banana" is best & I love the name Dyed in the Wool"


I love Choke Out!!

Kristine Raess

Wishe's of zombie and flagrant mayhem. Beautiful colours all around!

Maggie Theisen

My favorite color-way is 'Wishes of Blurple'. If you had asked for the most creative name I would go with 'Don't Eat The Yellow Snow'. Made me giggle.

Marsha Noce

Love Wishes of blurple. I also like the fact she will custom dye for you too.


Wishes of blurple! Love the purply blues, but i also love the choke. So glad you interviewed her, great post!!!


Choke out is my favorite. granlyons@outlook.com


Wishes of Blurple is my favorite!


Pyromorphite punch looks great

Karen Wilson

I loved the color Rustard -- clever naming of a color way if ever there was one!

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