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I love Rustard


Happy Easter! I love Flagrant Mayhem!


I like the Greedy color. I am into green lately and this is a beautiful version.


All the colours are so amazing! I laughed at "Don't eat the Yellow Snow" but I think Choke Out is my favourite...followed by Rustard...and...and...!


I'm intrigued by the the pyromorphoc punch - which is totally not my usual jam but still! But be still my heart your Hermiones are gorgeous!!!! Sarahshepherd 963 @ gmail .com

Kimberly Insigne

I love the choke out colorway!!


Colors are beautiful, but I was wowed by Rustard


Rustard!!! Love the name; love the colour!


Wishes of Blurple is stunning--no wait, they all are!

Cathy Sm

Oh, Greedy!


Thank you for having this yarn giveaway...was trying to decide between Thunder and Pyromorphite Punch. Thunder is my favorite.


What a sweet little interview and the yarn you are knitting with is simply perfect!

Have a wonderful Easter.


Diana Lichvarik

Lovely post! I often take after you with the stunning pinks you knit, but I was really taken with the Rotten Banana - what an eye-searing color. It would be the talk of my knitterly friends.


What a fun post - I loved the bright happy colors.
As for my favorite, by far it's "Flagrant Mayhem". All those colors together I can just imagine would make a fantastic pair of socks!


I think Don't Eat the Yellow Snow and Rotten Bananas are great!! And I love the stitch markers.


Wishes of Bluple is a gorgeous color & an awesome name!

Andrea Zukor

I love Vanessa's Choke Out color way! She has an amazing gift for combining colors. Love her work!


I love "wishes of blurple" it would make amazing socks


My favorite from what is currently offered is Wishes of Blurple. But if your Macaroon colorway was there right now, I would pick that one! Not only is it gorgeous, but I love macaroons! :)


Happy Easter:). Oh I love all the yarn but Macaroon is the best! Great choice, great sock:).


Flagrant mayhem is gorgeous, even though it's a lot bolder than what I usually go for.

Sandra King

wishes of blurple was gorgeous! Love It!


My favourite colour is Choke Out.


Dont eat the yellow snow---is one of my favourties! Very Sringlike to me.

Stacy bridgman

I love the color pyromorphite punch. Such a pretty spring color:)

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