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Jacqueline Webb

Andi just look at you with all your socks well done. I just love that shawl those colours go so well together. Can we see the finished object? Have a great week.


Congrats on keeping up with your pair a month! I am loving your Fade, Andi! And, thank you for all the links! Have a BEST week! blessings ~ tanna


I just finished my April socks as well, and they are amazing. I love your little stack you have going and the pink on your Fade.

Spring cleaning is indeed upon us. My plan was for my May socks to be scrap yarn socks - "Spring Cleaning" - but right now I'm working on a couple other projects that I'm more excited about....

Andrea @ This Knitted Life

Happy Sunday Andi. I always love these monthly posts when I am reminded of just how pervasive knitting is in this fleeting world. Love to you.


Yes ... a stack of socks make a lovely photo, especially when photographed with a yummy cup of tea.

Have a wonderful (and knitty-filled) week!


It's always a pleasure to take a spin around the beautiful knitting blogs you highlight! And yes a stack of socks is a beautiful sight :) Happy knitting on your Fade, it will be stunning!


Congratulations to the winner! Love the links you share Andi! I always look forward to see which song you have picked also. Have a great week! Hugs!


Thanks for sharing the Knit 1, Make 2 blog with us. Finally, another blogger who loves socks the way they need to be loved: obsessively.

Caffeine Girl

It is cold and rainy here, so I would love to be working on a blanket!
Your loves sound so good that I'm going to rush off now to check out the links.

Shirley Flavell

Love all your socks, a wonderful pile of them there. Your shawl is going to be beautiful, love pink. Thank you for the end of the month links, they are all so enjoyable to visit.Start of Winter here and knitting a lot.


There really is something special about a stack of socks, I totally get what you mean :) 12 socks in a year is a great goal, maybe I'll join in on it! Thanks as always for sharing all the amazing work out there in blogland! <3


What a lovely pile of socks you have made! it is nice to have a pile and you must feel so accomplished :) I love how the fade shawl is looking and I love the color too. Congrats to Kristen on winning the giveaway, that is a nice color. I love the song! thank you for sharing the links I will check them out!


Beautiful stack of socks Andi! And beautiful WIP as always. This blog is so addictive and thanks for the April loves!


I love your sock goals! And what a stunning shade of pink for your Fade, it is looking so very lovely. And what a great round up of links!


The pink progression in your shawl is lovely. That stack of spring socks are an excellent goal, but we will see. It may be more of a summer stack for myself. hehe. So many things to knit! Congrats to the winner!


Your Fade is looking gorgeous! It really is a relaxing & soothing knit. Thank you for the wonderful links....especially love Patricia's beautiful blog.


beautiful sock knitting and the beginnings of a shawl :)

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