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Oh my goodness! The perennial problem! The ONLY thing that keeps me from ricocheting around my projects is a hard deadline. Otherwise, I suffer from what my son calls Barracuda Syndrome, i.e. "Oh, look! Something shiny!".

I hope you feel better soon.

Caffeine Girl

I am TERRIBLE at monogamous knitting. My tricks are similar to yours. Podcasts, but news-oriented ones, like On the Media and On Point. Streaming shows like Grace & Frankie and The Man in the High Castle. And audiobooks like American Heiress and Belgravia.
I am going to have a great time checking out your tricks. Who can resist a podcast called Skeindeer Knits? Not me!


I can't offer much inspired advice on staying focused. Often what happens is I start a bigger project, get distracted and cast on two smaller projects and knit on all three for a time. Finally I get frustrated with any lack of progress so I go back to the bigger project, put my head down and knit. Sometimes I play a mind game by placing a stitch marker where I begin so I can see how much progress I make in an evening. Now and then I tell myself if I knit a few inches on a big sweater, then I can spend 15 or 20 min on a smaller project. Best of luck.


I USED to be such a good monogamous knitter... Oh, once we stray... the grass is always greener. LOL! I CAN still force myself to focus if I have to, but I prefer to set small, manageable goals e.g. X amount of rows or repeats and commit to doing those... usually I will keep going further. But, if I just don't want to, I do the small goal and allow myself to switch. Somehow that freedom keeps me on track more times than not.

LOVE Vikings and am so sad I've watched every last episode. Yes, to seeing the weaving! One of my all time favorites.

Thank you so very, very much for your prayers for our friend. I deeply appreciate and treasure each prayer.

The dishcloth epidemic is spreading far and wide. ;) Hope you are feeling MUCH better by now.

Thank you again, Andi.

blessings ~ tanna


I used to be a STRICTLY monogomous knitter.

I think because our life is so unsettled, so is my knitting. I have 13 projects on the needles THIRTEEN!!!! So, I suppose I have NO advice for sticking to one project.

Your Hermione's are beautiful and, as always, you have the cutest mugs!

Thanks for the podcast list. I found a few to add to my watchlist.

Have a good week .... and get that MUST KNIT done so you can get onto the other knits!!! (Did THAT help???? LOL)


no wonder you are distracted.....those links had me ready to cast on half a dozen things!!!! Usually, I turn to a talking book and if it's a good one, I can get caught up in the story line, and the knit just flies off the needles.


oh I go through some kind of netflix or hulu tv series. I remember knitting the body of a sweater while watching all the hp movies! That was fun.

I hope you feel better soon!


I really do love Vikings. I've finished the second season and am looking forward to watching the third. Do you have a favorite character? We are fond of Floki, Lagertha, and Athelstan in this household. Speaking of Athelstan, the actor who plays him also plays Louis XIV in Versailles, which is also worth watching. There is only one season so far, but it was riveting. Connor knit a second fingerless mitt while watching with me, but it came out too small. I guess the excitement got him knitting tighter.

Shannon Meyer

Thank you, Thank you for posting the Indie Music Feed link. I listened to it all of yesterday and I LOVE it!!

I have the same problem with finishing 'MUST FINISH' projects with both knitting and stitching. It seems like that's just the time when I find 15 new projects that must be worked on NOW!!! :)


I have such a tough time focusing on a big knit through to completion, too! I think we all do- so many pretty yarns, so little knitting time! I look forward to seeing the test knit reveal in the future. I love leighsideknits instagram feed as well, it's one of my faves!Seabluewool is a new one to me, and I love finding new Instagram feeds to follow, thanks for the tip! And I share your indie music love, as you know. :D


Hulu seems to do the trick. Currently I'm binging on The Goldbergs and Gravity Falls. Both are pretty good. Also I try really hard to switch between projects, but I can imagine that isn't an option for a test-knit. Hmmmmmm

If you find yourself really frustrated just take a step back and do something else you love. A simple cup of tea. A good book. A good podcast.

Have a great week.


Hi dear friend...I know It's been a long time and I am so sorry you are not feeling well. Its been a long winter and now spring with these colds and such.

I've been off the grid due to a Gallbladder surgery in December..I was so hoping to get back to blogging after but life is not allowing it.

It was o good to visit you this morning...I will message you on Ravelry.



Those socks Andi! That first pair is just so beautiful in that colorway and pattern! Love it.

The secret to finishing a monogamous knit this round? Sheer will power. It took a LONG time. Baby is driving now and I am binding off the blanket today ;) just kidding.


Hi Andi.

I hope you won't mind me mentioning the podcast that my wife Andrea produces - with a little support from me. It's called the Fruity Knitting Podcast, and is up on YouTube. Andrea is a pretty talented knitter, and she has also done interviews with some great people - Oliver Henry from Jamieson and Smith, Deb Robson, and Ann and Eugene Bourgeois from the Philosopher's Wool Company. You can find notes at fruityknitting.com, including a list of all guests with links directly to the interviews. We've been going for about a year.

I hadn't seen your blog before, but it looks great. We are only just developing an awareness of the small yarn producer world and it's something that we are going to give more attention to in future. I'm looking forward to spending some more time on your blog. (And since you like your music, I'm currently enjoying London Grammar, and Beirut - look for Rip Tide album.)

Anyway - all the best.


I find monogamous knitting REALLY hard sometimes! Usually, I try to use it to my advantage ... if I can just finish this pattern (or this portion of the pattern) then I'm allowed to work on the other thing/cast on something new/order yarn for the next project. But really, my finishing times have been abysmal lately, so I'm not a good person to ask!


Hi Andi, I too have a hard time only knitting something I must work on and tend to have a couple of projects on the go. I usually keep myself focused by doing the same thing as you, I watch TV shows or listen to podcasts to keep me motivated and the knitting gets done faster. I love your sock so far and the color purple is so pretty! The song was so calming and lovely thank you for sharing :)


Lots of good things in this post Andi! Great links!

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