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Hi ho! I'm first again today! I, too, am knitting this blanket. My motivation is to use up my leftovers. I don't mind repeats of yarn. I just try to spread them out. Here is a hint: I use the same technique on the beginning yarn-end that I use to catch floats in color work. That cuts the weaving job in half.

I am also crocheting another scrappy blanket. It is Granny Stripes on Ravelry. My inspiration was a picture, on Pinterest I think, that used leftover sock yarns. Since my grandchildren are grown now and not clamoring for funky socks, I have loads of sock yarns. I worked out a yarn rotation that used scraps and whole balls. So far, it's looking pretty good. It will probably end up as a baby-sized blanket.


I love the idea of just randomly picking a color, that sounds like a much less stressful way of doing it, which probably makes the process even more relaxing :). Your blanket looks great!


i couldn't agree more with everything you said....the friendships from both giving and receiving bits of the blanket are precious. (This said from someone who has made THREE of these beauties!!!.....the yarn makes the beautiful part---the knitting skill is pretty basic!!!) The only thing I would like to add, though, is.....it is very very easy to weave in the ends as you go, and then all you have to do ----- every so many squares or rows----- is simply trim the ends. Totally a lifesaver----and the only reason that I keep making more (I have another started!!!!!!!!)


It may be a ways off from completion but it's beautiful so far. A real labor of love.

Katie Rice

I have been blessed for many years with friends and family giving me yarn. It was always lots of odds and ends so I started making scrap yarn blankets - I still make them whenever I get enough scraps together. I like thinking about who the scraps came from and where this blanket might end.


This is quite impressive! A year ago, I've sent all my yarn scraps to a lady interested on Ravelry. I should go over and see her project page to see what it became!


Beautiful idea! It's a gorgeous blanket!

Deborah Eichel

Your blanket is beautiful. I know you will love it, when you are finished. It's wonderful that so many people have contributed to your blanket. I want to start mine. After I earned my Master's Degree (that was keeping me from working on it for two years), we got a puppy! He is now six months old. I am afraid I will have to wait a bit longer. This blanket is still one of my all-time favorite projects!

Jenny I

I don't knit very many socks. My eyesight won't let me work on that small of yarn for that long. But I have a lot of leftover worsted yarn. So I've been working on a scrap blanket of that. I wish I could be random and just blindly choose the next yarn, so I stress about color changes. This blanket is in stripes, but I think that I will make one using squares next time. That might make it easier to be random. At least I could put off decision of what color to put next to another until the end...


gah! I need to pull my blanket out and work on it.... yours is gorgeous!!! I love the colors and they all just go together wonderfully. Mine is the ten stitch which starts in the middle working it's way out. I purposefully picked the colors until it was three feet wide then I just added colors willy nilly and it looks okay!


Your scrappy blanket looks great. Like you, I haven't decided on the ultimate size of mine, but I'm thinking about 300 squares. Mine are 60 stitches.

Have fun .... I don't really mind weaving in ends either.


Love this blanket so much!! I have made a scrappy scarf or 2 where just tie all together then crochet so a real raggy look lol


It is so beautiful, Andi. I am thinking that when you finally "finish" it, you will miss it like an old friend. ;) blessings ~ tanna


Well done You! Lovely indeed. πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜β€οΈ


Beautiful blanket. I've saved my sock yarn scraps to start one...it might be time!!

Anna Jane

It's looking beautiful Andi!! Like many of your readers, I was inspired to start my own scrappy blanket after seeing yours. The swaps in our MSK Rav group is one of my greatest pleasures - the connections and bonds with fellow knitters is a joy and sharing yarn is a huge bonus. I love looking at my basket of minis I've received from around the world, and incorporating them into the blanket gives me warm fuzzies :) Over the past few years I've had severe health problems and the loss of my father, so needless to say this scrappy blanket has been therapeutic - and when this blanket is all finished, I'm sure to start another!! It's the only project I've purposefully knit as slowly as possible because I enjoy it so much.


I really love how you have a little bit of love from all over the world knit into your blanket.

I'm also equally impressed that you can choose the yarn randomly. I think that is what keeps me from knitting my own scrappy blanket, I'd feel this great need to have a unifying color or go from light to dark.... and that sucks the fun out of a scrappy blanket.

Caffeine Girl

I have one of those linen-stitch scarves on the go, but I don't work on it regularly.
I think you may have talked me into giving the blanket a go. I do love mitered squares. I I love the idea of just grabbing a color.

Debbie Iantorno

I would love to do one of these blanket. Yours is beautiful. Can u share the name of the pattern?


I've really enjoyed the story of the sock blanket, both watching it this year and in this post. It's just a lovely project to revisit at your leisure, it has many elements of good feelings and memories. Those are the best projects.


Oh my, I didn't realize it had been almost three years and that it was getting that big. That's dedication. I absolutely love every squares (and shamelessly look at it wondering if my yarn is anywhere in there yet).

As for my scraps, they all currently live in a bag. But for my May socks I'm doing spring cleaning and making a scrappy pair!

Happy Monday Andi.

Shirley Flavell

A beautiful blanket with quite a story.I have been saving my sock wool for this purpose but would like more so will check out the swap idea, it sounds great. 3years is quite some fete. It will be very loved when it's finished. How many stitches are you using for each square, does it have to be an eneven number:)


I love your sock blanket so much! I started one of my own last year- it has fewer than 20 squares so far, but adding each new one is a delight!


I just started one of these. Whenever I finish a project, I make one square with the left over yarn. So all different types of yarn. Not sure what it'll look like, but it'll definitely have lots of different textures.


I love how the blanket looks with all those squares sewn together! I am inspired to do something like this one day with leftover scraps. I would like if the yarn was all the same weight to do a project like this and I don't have that stash right now. I love this song, I have just started watching "13 Reasons Why" on Netflix and this was an important song in that show, it is beautiful.

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