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ANY coffee shop with air conditioning in summer and heat in the winter is my PERFECT place to knit as evidenced on my blog, Facebook and Instagram account. LOL

Always FUN to get yarn in the mail. Hope THIS week brings MORE yarny goodness.


Oh Andi..............as a fellow Arizonan, I too would love to be in the mountains, by a lake with a campfire, knitting on something warm and cozy. But alas...........this is sock knitting season for us here in the outer rings of hades (or at least it felt like it this week) Dishcloths are also on the knitting list for the summer. But this silly knitter has a shawl laying in her lap and ice water by her side and a picture of snow capped mountains in her head.

BTW..........I knit in public quite often and it is a blast. I knit at the Dbacks games, airport terminals, doctor's offices, casinos, church meetings, in the park etc. You meet some very interesting people taking your knitting with you everywhere you go.


I love to knit during meetings!
Although some colleagues look askance at me it actually keeps me focused during often long drawn out discussions. I can stay awake!!!Add my sense of accomplishment is sustained.

Elaine Titus

Hi Andi, I live in beautiful NH. Close to the lakes, mountains, oceans and some really great small cities and of course not far from one of my favorite cities, Boston! I invite you to visit us here any time at all. I love to knit in public as well and have taught countless people to knit because of it. Even a blind young woman at summer camp about 55 years ago, yes I am that old and I have since learned she is still knitting! To pass on a love is just a joy. For many years I managed a button shop and introduced yarn to it and several other of the shops in the small family owned chain of stores. So I became a yarn and soft craft buyer as well. And the gifts in the mail were wonderful....and the shows, just pure awesome but also very tiring! Find a cool place if you can and dream of my beautiful home and do visit soon!


My best knitting place is beachside. Any beach, sitting by an open window, yarn and Dr Pepper at the ready.


I have loved knitting while in the woods camping, but would love to try knitting on the beach that would be so peaceful and relaxing to hear the waves in the background. I am glad you had a better more relaxed week after our suggestions :)


Your happy knitting place sounds lovely! Camping & knitting is one of my favorite combinations as well. Other happy knitting places include the beach, music festivals, coffee shops, on my parents' balcony in busy Saigon where depending on the time of day one can see roosters, cows, food cart sellers, cyclists and tourists...never a dull moment!


I have a few dream knitting places. First is somewhere outdoors that isn't as sticky humid as it tends to be in Texas. I love taking my yarn to outdoor festivals but it's hard to do that here.

Second, and this may sound like an ego trip, is a gallery full of my beautiful paintings. The idea of knitting in a place surrounded by my knitting art is just so wonderful. I've been able to do this a few times, but never to the extent I'd want to.

Honestly, any art gallery would be fun to knit at, maybe get a group going and knit under some Van Goghs?


My dream place would be on a Spanish beach with Spanish food and wine... and for many many days :)


Living ina rather flat country ( NL ), I would immediately join you on that mountainside !
I haven't knit in public much either, only on train trips, which is quite okay. So mostly it's on my own couch, in front of a podcast o netflix.. not very adventurous, but comfy, so it suits me well...


Your "fantasy" knitting spot sounds perfect! I do enjoy being at home knitting very much. Very much. But, I miss knitting at our LYS that closed this past year. Always so much inspiration sitting around with other knitters! blessings ~ tanna

Caffeine Girl

Like Dee, I love knitting in coffee shops.
But my favorite knitting is in a cozy cabin Up North in winter, hang with my friends after a day of cross country skiing.

Karen Juliano

I often knit in public because I usually have my knitting with me. One of the best places is poolside in the shade, with my kids splashing and my headphones on, and no one asking me for anything!


I have never been to Arizona, I will have to check it out one of these days, and find out what hot is really like! It's been cool and rainy here in Toronto, we're all starting to joke that it's monsoon season... it's been pouring rain for at least a bit of every day! Those look like very GMDs, indeed!


My happy knitting place is in my house, on the terrace, looking at the trees and listening to birds. With my dog close by, relaxed and immersed in his dreams....

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