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Hi Andi, I think you've lost a month? Do you mean July1st?
Hope so, I love the sun shower colour way but they are all stunning.

Hope you have a great day. Alipot on Ravelry


It is always exciting to see indie dyers-- fun to read about the sisters' relationship and I agree, hand-dyed yarn does glow.

I think my favorite colorway is the "Bud Break" purple and green for that very reason.

Andi-- I think you need to change the contest dates---surely you meant July?


Sunshowers! But they are all yummy!


I'm loving the bright and cheerful "Sunshowers", but that "Sprinkles on Top" is pretty awesome too.

Tanya Smith

I love Wee Chickadee! I have several skeins of their yummy yarn. The colors are gorgeous. Currently I love "watching the clouds".


I've missed the last couple of weeks - having no computer can really kill the blog reading mojo. But I am so glad I got to catch up with this post. I am in love with this yarn - the way they use the ever-popular speckles to accent their colors are just fabulous.

If I had to pick just one (sooo hard) it would be Endless Summer. The different colors all play well together and the purple speckles are a perfect addition.


This Sprinkles on Top is simply beautiful! I can see a hat and socks in this great color way. The other one I like is Speckled yarn speckles!


Beautiful yarns and being an Oregonian myself (although living in Tucson, AZ) I surely need to try them. My favorites are Solar Flare and Sprinkles on Top.


What beautiful colorways and fun to read of sisters enjoying a business together. I liked Hunting Agate. Thanks for a chance.


Stunning colours, hard to narrow it down as they're all so beautiful but I love Just before dawn and freshly cut grass. Sounds like the sisters have a really lovely relationship,


Oh my gosh any one of the "speckles" is to die for. I couldn't pick nor would I even want to try. Thanks for giving us a chance and for opening our eyes to so many new dyers!


The colorway Leaf Litter would make a beautiful shawl for Autummn!
Please tell me they are working on a colorway called "German Chocolate Cake"!!


Love Hunting Agates...reminds me a grove of trees we saw in Colorado in the Fall.

Nikki Bufkin

Beautiful yarns! My favorite is Bud Break.

I have really been enjoying this series on independent dyers!


What a wonderful bouquet of yarns! It was too hard to pick a favorite so I just flipped a coin a couple of times and Leaf Litter was the last yarn standing. I loved it so much, actually, that it is going to come for a nice, long visit at my house soon. :O)


Well, if I can't have them all, I will choose "Hunting Agates"... just colors that I am drawn to...
Question - what is that shawl?

I really enjoy these chances to meet indie dyers!

Linda in VA


Toes In the Grass is my favorite! I have soooo many unknit skeins waiting that I really shouldn't purchase more, but I think I won't be able to resist.

Karen Wilson

Wow! Going to that shop was like going down the rabbit hole. I love the gradient yarns, but kept coming back to Leaf Litter. Thanks for featuring this dyer!


So many speckles!!!! I'm loving dewdrop but also sweet buttercup... I am currently knitting with my first really speckled yarn and loving it. :)


OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO my golly, the SPECKLES! How pretty are THEY!


They're all stunning....Sunshowers really stands out though.


Just Before Dawn is my favorite, but they are all so beautiful. And I love the names!


Just before Dawn is my favorite also. It's elegant, yet simple. Thanks for the chance to win the yarn. Love your blog.


Thanks for introducing us to these talented ladies! I love the colorway 'skipping stone ' ~Lee
Mamagiff on ravelry


Watching Clouds is wonderful. Always searching for that perfect green colorway.

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