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They are all beautiful my favourite is Moccasins


So many pretty colourways to choose from but for me it would have to be Woodswoman, I love the colour and I also love to be surrounded by trees.

Sarah Mirams

My favourite colourway - Fawkes the Phoenix. Can't go past reds and oranges to spark up my knitting! Sarah

JD Doyle

These are all lovely, but I think "Ann Linnea (light)" is my favorite!


Hi Andi, wow what a shop with beautiful colourways. Difficult to choose but my favourite is sunshine lollipops. Thanks for the chance to win. Alison (Alipot on Ravelry)

Have you finished your Find your Fade yet?


Oh my my . . . such lovely yarns. At first I thought Sunshine and Lollipops would be my favorite (I think that's the one on the unfinished painting), but then I saw Sticks and Stones and liked THAT one a lot too.

To be honest, they are ALL beautiful and her Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest went right into my feeds.


Another wonderful dyer to add to my list! Again, it's difficult to choose just one but I kept going back to look at Moccasins. Love the collection of colors that make up this yarn!


Thank you so much Andi for the absolutely lovely feature. I am flattered and honored to be chosen as July's dyer.


"smokey" looks great! i can never pass up a grey! ;) i love your story Wren. have a great summer.


Wren House Yarns has some amazing colors, so hard to chose just one. Bird Tracks #46 was the one that I was drawn to the most.


I love Bird Tracks #46!

Claudia Wyland

Wow, those are all so beautiful! The Gradient B colorway is the one that that made me squeal like a five year old. There goes my paycheck...

Nikki Bufkin

The yarns are so beautiful! My favorite is the purples in Bird Tracks 44.

I love the color names she chose!

Judy Hudgins

Prickly Pear is probably my favorite (how to pick!) And I love it that her name is Leigh, which is my middle name. You don't find it spelled that way often.


Sunshine Lollipop - just like its' name - warm and delicious!


I brought super wash merino cashmere, color way " moccasin". I can't wait to get it. I have been knitting wool mittins, lining them with fleece. I may try using this cashmere lining. Thanks I wait for your post every Sunday morning!


Favorite is bird tracks #25. Thank you for another great blog about wonderful dyers.

leanne welch

Wren house yarns are so gorgeous. Moccasins is my favorite color way. Thanks for sharing this !


Well, that was difficult. I guess I liked Smokey best, but if I went back after I type this comment, I would easily be swayed by another color way. Thank you for featuring indie dyers. It's so pleasant to visit their shops!


I rrally like the colorway Sticks and stones. All of the Wten House Yarns are gorgeous!


They are all so beautiful, but I think Woodswoman is my favorite. It just speaks so beautifully of nature.

mary jo

I absolutely love the kilim featured in your post.
looking through the other colorways Crocus Pocus captured my heart I love the pops of color popping out in the white reminds me of spring and late snows.


All the colorways are gorgeous. I especially like Crocus Pocus.


I like Prickly Pear! The colors mottled with the chartreuse! I like that she has found balance in her work & life.

Rosemary Reitz

All the colors are beautiful. I would like a sweater in Portlandia. Thank you for your blog.

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