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I am glad you feel better again !
As for your question... I barely have anything to add, you summed it up spot on. One thing then; now having a LYS that sells the most beautiful things ( such as Hedgehog sock )...


My list is a bit of a mixed bag. The first thing that came to my mind was actually "a great group of knitting friends". I spend every Sunday with my knitting group and being around a community of like minded people is one of the best things about this craft.

Ravelry and Blogs are right up there, as well as Instagram (seeing all the lovely posts from dyers and knitters makes me drool some days).

And then the unique-ness of today's knitting world. All the crazy beautiful patterns I find on Ravelry, some really complex, others simple, as well as the interesting yarns that are available now, with odd yet wonderful blends of fiber.

Have a great week Andi !


Happy to hear that you are feeling better! Summer colds are no fun at all. Totally agree that we are so lucky as knitters right now. I remember when I first started getting serious about the craft....no Ravelry or Instagram, indie-dyed yarns or on-line yarn shops to speak of. Luckily, there were quite a few blogs (and Rowan magazine) to feed my new found addiction. Now we have a wealth of patterns & resources, gorgeous yarns and beautifully made notions as well as bloggers and knit podcasters all of which I can't live without.

Caffeine Girl

So glad that you are feeling better!

I'm with you on Ravelry. I adore the community it builds and the endless catalog of patterns. I can't imagine knitting without it! What did people do when they had questions? I have a lovely LYS, but it doesn't have a fraction of the resources of Ravelry.

I couldn't knit without some of the simple tools: stitch markers and stitch counters! I own a ridiculous number of both.

Jacqueline Webb

So glad to hear that you are feeling better. Trying to finish a vintage style sweater and unsure if I would have enough yarn. I have chickened out of playing yarn chicken and at last found another ball of the same yarn and dye number. So onwards we go. Have promised my sister that I will finish an Aran sweater off that she started 3 years ago, so that's next. After that I have lots of projects ready to go but none started yet. Then there is the Christmas knitting to start. Have a good week. Have decided I like a magazine called The Knitter and have just subscribed. Love all the stitch markers that are about and row/stitch counters. Not overly impressed with knit pro ones as I have had two now and both have given up on me. Wish someone would bring some out that are a bit more jolly.


I am so happy you are feeling much better. That is good news to read. I cannot remember before Ravelry, it was such a game changer for knitting and pattern finding.


Glad to read that you are feeling better. Yep ........EVERY time I wash my car, it rains. Of course, here in Florida rain is much more commonplace. LOL

I love that orange yarn. It makes me think my favorite season isn't too far away.

My bestest knitting tool is an phone widget....Row counter widget. If I ever forget (or run out of) a plastic counter, there are as many as I need right there on my phone.


good to know that my friend is feeling better. enjoy the rain, the sun and every day of the week. see you (aka read you) next weekend!


What makes my knitting life easier? A LYS. Ravelry is so wonderful, the community, the patterns, the help on discussion boards, the inspiration, and encouragement. The sock ruler makes knitting socks so much easier. And dare I mention - stitch markers, stitch markers, stitch markers. Stay well blog friend.


Glad you are feeling better! I want to try a We Are Knitters project some time, it is fun that you get all the yarn and the needles you need to complete the project. I love the sound of rain outside it is so cozy. :) Hope you have a good week!


So glad to hear that you're feeling better! I love the color you're using for your cardigan, that's going to be such a delightful knit!

kathy b

I think my husband has the same cold. :( I had it a few months ago. It was a doosey.

I agree with so many of your thoughts on what makes our knit lives easier. Great yarn shops help me immensely. I live 25 minutes away from one now, but I love it. The Knit magazines I used to read, I have to say, I dont anymore. There are so many good patterns on Ravelry.

Great prompt


Glad you are feeling much better, dear Andi! WAK Pima cotton is pretty amazing, right?! Working on the summer pullover right now. As for things that make my knitting life easier:

- Blogs. Not necessarily craft related ones. I am inspired by fashion bloggers, interior blogs, professional photographers, travel blogs, you name it! Everything that creates an inspiring creative mood.

- My camera. As soon as I started documenting my projects, creating a visual diary of my projects, I became much more motivated to finish the projects and don't have too many WIPs

- FOs of my patterns. Every time I see somebody has finished one of my patterns, my heart skips a bit!


Good to hear you are better from the cold! Wishing you a lvely week!

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