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Poisoned by an apple!
Great contrast in this colorway...

Susan Wetherall

Like the look of Merlot.


Thank you for these interviews with indie dyers. Great way to find new artists. I live the Poisoned by an apple color way.


Molly Weasley and sand castles are calling my name!

Thanks, Andi, for introducing your readers to another independent dyer!

Jessie Percival

They're all so beautiful, but I think Witch Hazel is my favourite. At least right now

mary jo

lovely colors!
I spotted the fall faded colorway and found Pumpkin Spice Latte and Pumpkin Patch. it's hard to choose a favorite between these 2. they are both so great!!


I love both the colour and the significance of "Always". So pretty.


I love Witch Hazel, Sand Castles, Autumn in My Soul....so many great colorways!

Kristine Raess

Love sandcastles!

leanne welch

Thanks for the Indie dyer posts. They are great. I really liked the Witch Hazel colorway

Tanya Smith

The colors are gorgeous! I love the Peek a boo & Luna.


I like the one that is pictured above ---- the shawl that is hanging. I can't tell on the Etsy shop ...........is that maybe, Sand Castles?

They are all pretty though.

Judy Hudgins

I have a skein of "Evermore" awaiting the perfect pattern.

Sarah Mirams

I really enjoy these showcases of dyers new to me. Poisoned by an Apple is my favourite - subtle and yet vibrant.


I love the name of Dragon Hoard Yarn Co and also the connection within the community with her mother.
The Molly Weasley yarn is very appealing to me. The fade kits are amazing as well.


Hi Andi - thanks for another great dyer to check out. I am not sure how to see the colorways that have sold out, but from the ones that are available, I like the Molly Weasley, of course any of the fade kits would be awesome too.

Sue Gilbert

Gasp! Autumn in my Soul is incredible- but then, they're all delicious!


Gorgeous colors of yarn - and what a fun and interesting person! Thanks for sharing her "story" with us... I will go with
Witch Hazel - love the name - love the colors...

Linda in VA


I really like the colors in "Fade into Fall" and the pumpkin especially calls my name.


Molly Weasley is ansolutely beautiful. all wonderful yarn colours.
Interesting to here about what influences a dyer.
Enjoyed this post. Thank you


Enjoyed your interview with Trysten as I've been a fan of her podcast with her mom, The Girls in the Yarn Cafe. Your blog and their podcast are a favorite part of my Sundays! I like the richness of Poisoned by an Apple.


Really enjoyed this interview, I'd be hard pushed to choose between witch hazel and Molly Weasley, both absolutely gorgeous 😍


I'd like to believe fall is going to be coming next week (I wish), so Pumpkin Spice Latte is looking lovely to me!


Poisoned by an apple, for sure. Beautiful colorway! I too, look forward to Sundays with this blog.


Oh, pretty yarn., dark Mark speaks to me!

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