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Love Eucalan! Yes, I do love the washing, blocking part of finishing a knit! It is so exciting to see a finished piece come to its full beauty! Though, I do have to confess a recent disappointment... a Ranunculus that fit so nicely while fresh off the needles grew into something that wasn't quite as enjoyable. For the first time ever, I put a precious knit in the washing machine and dryer for awhile. It was drying overnight... I think it is going to be good! Fingers crossed! Wishing you a wonderful week. blessings ~ tanna


Love that song! Made DH and I smile as we listened to it out on the back porch sipping coffee, with the cicadas singing along in the background. I frog when my inner muse nags me! lol She's not been wrong yet. Last night I cast on Helen Stewart's Spindrift shawl in Miss Babs Kilimanjaro. It'd had a swim in the frog pond, as the first yarn just hadn't been right for it. Now, it's a joy to knit! Here's to a wonderful Sunday!!!


Eucalan is my favorite. I really do feel like it lasts a long time and gets the job done. Lovely to see all your pretty WIPs. I need to pull out a couple, but I've had start-itis lately and have too many new things to focus on instead....
Have a great week!


I love Euclan .... I have several of their scents. But, I think the grapefruit may be my favorite.

I also like Dr. Bronner's or when I can find it, Kookaburra wool wash.

All my handknits get washed well before they are stored away for cooler days.


that is my go to wool wash - I do like soak but it tends to be more static -y in the winter. Hope are well! The knitting is lovely as always!

Shirley Flavell

Not sure if that product is in N.Z. but I will have a look and try some. Thank you for the promo. Love the song.


I'm a Eucalan fan too. I use the lavender one usually, but my friend has the grapefruit and that also smells divine. I'm a big believer in soaking and blocking handknits to get them looking their best.

Your WIPs are lovely, especially the socks - the yarn looks like a joy to knit!


Like you, I too really enjoy washing my knits once I have them off the needles. I tend to use shampoo most of the time since nearly everything I make is wool. In the rinse I sometimes add a splash of vinegar with a couple drops of lavender essential oil.

I haven't yet tried Eucalan but now that I've read this, I absolutely will!

Still not knitting but am craving some knitting. Trouble is, a lot of my knitting items (needles etc) are still packed. We don't yet have furniture (like dressers, etc.) but I may have to dig for my knitting 'tools' just so I can begin knitting SOMETHING.

Happy summer.


What a gorgeous song, I haven't heard it before! And hooray for Eucalan! ;) Your knitting is looking beautiful, you have a knack for choosing such stunning yarns.


Your little pile of WIPs is so lovely! I haven't tried Eucalan yet, but I hear great things about it from everyone. I love washing my knits- to me there's nothing better than seeing a drying rack covered in socks!


I like how your socks are looking! the purple color of the yarn of your December WIP is so pretty it resembles the yarn I am working with right now to knit my socks. I will be picking up some Eucalan soap to wash my knits in the future it sounds like it would be great to wash knits. Hope you have a good week! lovely song you shared :)


Yes, I need to follow my frogging instinct a little better. I love the grapefruit Eucalan too. good stuff. I'm sure you'll finish up a few of those WIPs before you know it. I have 3 on the needles right now. I haven't had that much going at the same time in a while!


I love the sense of accomplishment and happiness that comes from a freshly washed & blocked knit. Grapefruit is my favorite scent of eucalan. I need to follow your example and get some wips finished but feeling a little lazy right now.


As always I feel inspired by the beautiful colours you knit in. Finishing knits is a great feeling and I love it when my freshly finished knits get their first bath! I always wash them with Eucelan and am very happy with it :)

Caffeine Girl

That is a lovely song.
I wash my finished knits with Eucalan. Really, I'm not just saying that. I'll have to track down the grapefruit variety because that's one of my favorite tastes/scents.


Thanks for letting me know about Eucalan! Happy knitting Andi!


Thank you, Andi, for introducing us to Eucalan, I've never heard of it. Usually I use hair conditioner to wash my knit :) I hope you're having a wonderful week!

kathy b

Grapefruit. Well clearly I m using the boring soap. maybe i'd be happier washing woolens if i used grapefruit Eucalan


I wash my knits with Zero... I haven't really ever thought of it :) Good to know! I may in fact block something tomorrow :)


oh yum! grapefruit....love the smell, although not always so found of the taste, but this flavor I'm definitely going to look for. You are right. Nothing like the smell of freshly hand washed woolen anythings.

I found it rather funny that just about everyone who commented on that post about ripping felt the same way....just got to do it, and usually don't really mind doing it....i guess because we all are who we are. Funny, though, that we all follow each other and have become virtual knitting friends. A bunch of excessive compulsive somewhat perfectionist addicted knitters. I just wonder if everyone also has the piles of UFOs....all in sock weight yarn! (you KNOW I do!!!!) Love your piles!

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