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Happy Birthday month!
It is my anniversary this month, married 40 years! It honestly does not seem that long. I have 2 grown daughters and one grandson. I am blessed for sure. Look forward to your blog every Sunday morning and most times order yarn from your dyers. Love to look and buy yarn, so many choices. Please keep up the good job!


Happy birthday to you! I have missed many of your posts, for various reasons, but I am back on track. I have so catching-up to do. I love the mitts! Do you have the name of the pattern? I read through, but I might have missed it. I love your blog!


We're recovering all right in TX, but man Florida is about to get it hard :'(

Happy (late) Birthday Andi, I hope you enjoy the rest of your month. I truly love reading your blog each week and the things you share. Thank you for being a part of this amazing community.

Oh and that yarn with the pop of Blue is pretty much the most gorgeous thing I've seen in awhile.


Happy Birthday Andi. Your pink photo really caught my eye. That new skein of yarn....yummilicious. I love the fingerless mitts. People laughed at me when I made my fingering weight ones but they are PERFECT for AZ mornings.

Caffeine Girl

That first picture, with all the pink, made my heart sing. I love pink, too! Such a pretty picture!
I almost broke my yarn diet to get my hands on that yarn -- but she doesn't have any of that color in her store. Can't decide if I'm happy about that or not.
September is also my birthday month, but it's always overshadowed by the High Holy Days, so I don't think much about it.
Happy birthday! May the coming year bring you much pink!


Happy birthday ..... the birthday yarns are lovely. Hope you have a wonderful birthday month just pack FULL of celebration (and of course, YARN).


Happy birthday Andi!!! May you have a wonderful birthday month! Sweet gifts! I did not know that pink is your favorite color! Sending you a hug all the way from North Dakota!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANDI!! I too celebrate the entire month and claim the entire month as my birthday month. Wishing you many more.


happy happy happy birthday to you! I am glad you are my bloggy friend :)


PINK!!!! Just look at all that goodness!!! And that cake.....put on a couple pounds just looking at it. Glad your birthday was special...celebrate all month long!


Happy Happy Birthday month! Yes, celebrate the entire month. The pink photo and all the photos are scrumptious. You do find the most beautiful yarns. I'm glad you've had a good week.

Andrea @ This Knitted Life

Happy happy happy birthday!!!! Love your pink yarn, pink cake and pink tea. Awesome shot! Enjoy my dear

Shirley Flavell

Happy birthday Andi and I just love pink. What a great photo. The tea canister looks beautiful as does the cake and of course those yummy socks.Have a great week/month.


Hooray for you ad your birthday month! What lovely gifts, I hope you are feeling the love, and getting spoiled. You are always so gracious and appreciative, which means giving you things must be just as much fun for the gifter as it is for you!


Happy Birthday Month!! (It is my b-day month too - woo-hoo!!). Love all the pinks in your post and the slice of cake looks so yummy!!


Happy Birthday Month! September birthdays are the best, we're a club of fantastic people ;)


Happy Birthday Month! And yes, yarny gifts are the best! The mitts are such a lovely thoughtful gift. Yarny friends are the best too :)


Happy Birthday! that is so nice your sister crochets and can share the same love of fibre as you and bonus she can pick out yarn you will like too! I love following your blog and seeing what you have in store for us every Sunday. Lovely socks you have knitted! makes me want to cast on another pair! Hope you have a great day

Cortney Bougher

A belated happy birthday to you! Your blog just brings joy to my heart, I love catching up with you on Sundays!

Jackie Webb

Happy birthday Andi, sounds like you had a lovely time. The colours in your blog are lovely very bright ,happy and cheerful. Have also been thinking of the people in Texas. I don't envy them the clear up, it's going to be horrendous.

Andrea Zukor

Happy birthday Andi!!

I'm grateful for your blog; I love waking up Sunday morning and finding out what you're up to. It's a beautiful, grounding, positive ritual. Thank you.


I hope you had a splendid birthday and your boys spoiled you.

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