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In southern Indiana its Basketball. I live close to the Ohio river, rivels run big between the Louisville cardinals; Kentucky wildcats and the Indiana Hoosiers to say the least. I do not understand football, so I do not watch it. But good luck to your team!

Caffeine Girl

There is no such thing as too much pink. Neighborhood Fibre yarn is so amazing! Also, the company founder is an African-American knitter -- something we don't see enough of in Wisconsin.

Enjoy your birthday month!


I happen to be a pink lover so you blog postings his month have been a joy for me. I am in love with the Victorian Village yarn. IT IS PERFECT! I will be watching to see what it will become. The Nymphadora Tonk colourway is working up so prettily too. The gravel pattern looks great and I think that will end up in my library for hubby socks.

Enjoy our cooler weather this week. Fingers crossed it stays!


the only reason football is on my tv is because I'm married to someone who loves football. I just knit. And knit a lot!


We are HUGE sports fans in this house -- Philadelphia Eagles, Philadelphia Phillies and of course, Giroux's favorite team the Philadelphia Flyers! (He is named after the captain of the team -- Claude Giroux. Although he is CLAWED Giroux.)

We also follow the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Jacksonville Icemen and of course we are proud members of Crustacean Nations (the Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp).

If it moves . . . we are FANS!

A very belated happy birthday to you. Bring on the PINK!


Love the pink, it's such a happy shade! I never watch sports. But I think if I had to, I'd definitely need my knitting!


I love all those pinks ! One can never have enough of it, can one ?
As for sports... well... I only like to do sports, not to watch it. Somehow, to me, watching sports sort of equals watching someone read a book... Which does make me curious what you enjoy about it the most ? Is the action, the sportsmen, the feeling of being part in the crowd.. ?


I'm not into sports At.All - lol, but I'm loving all your pink. Happy birthday month (mine too!!).


I took my socks to the first home football game of the school I teach at last week - I got quite a bit done. Being at a point in my knitting career where I can knit and purl basic without looking down helps as well.

I'm not a huge huge sports fan, but if I MUST go I take yarn!


I love all the pink! lovely pink skein of yarn and I like the yarn gifted to you that is The Little Prince themed. The socks are coming along nicely. The knitting lady is great! I would love to bring knitting to games if I went more often.


You make me want to go out and buy pink sock yarn now.


Look at all those beautiful pinks! The only sport that I really care to follow is hockey, which unfortunately doesn't get a lot of airtime here. Fortunately, I can stream the radio broadcast of the games I want to follow on my phone! I've definitely been thinking about knitting up some team-themed accessories, maybe this winter will be the year I get around to it!


Watched the Broncos win this weekend while knitting on socks! Granted, I just like watching the NFL, even if having a weekend to sit down and watch is rare. I also like Big Ten football and Ice Dancing.

Jose, I more equate watching sports with watching television programs and movies (even when watching in person), rather than watching someone read. Visual stimulation, and a lot of times, I get more involved in the events unfolding in sports, as opposed to some program. I may be interested in what happens during Game of Thrones, but I rarely jump out of my seat and cheer about what happens.

Not to mention, a crowd in a stadium actually affects football game play. Getting the crowd to make noise is actually a tactic.


Fot he die hard hockey fan! Totally canadian, eh!


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