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This is a lovely post. Yes, lots of healing is needed at so many levels right now. I find solace while reading your posts and looking at the projects you showcase. I appreciate your blog.


I always read 20 blogs,its hard to get around to commenting. Andi thank you for my favorite blog and know that I always read and lurk on Ravelry even when I seem that I have disappeared:)


Sometimes it is easy to believe that podcasts have taken over. But, in the quiet of the morning or late evening . . . blogs rule.

I love reading your blog each Sunday morning. Love seeing all the yarny pictures and reading about all the new patterns.

So I say to you . . . keep blogging! ;-)


Thank you Andi. I will agree - I try to avoid all of the pains in our world through knitting and blogging. Sometimes I think I need to just quit with my Facebook because I don't want to see all the hard things happening in the world.

I love reading your blog and countless others each week and even my once a week posts myself allow me to just put my knitterly thoughts out there.

Jackie Webb

I am relatively new to reading blogs only being involved this year I think. My neice at Three Stories High got me into it by wanting to read her blog and now I enjoy reading quite a few. It is really mind blowing that despite the differences we are told are there between different people, that all the blogs I read tend to have the same sympathy/ empathy towards the world in general. This is what I find so heartening. So I agree with you if you blog keep on blogging, you are sharing love around th3 world.


I know I think of the horrible things going on in the world often and how we are harming our world, the animals, and each other. It is a lot to think about and knitting also helps me feel more at peace. I love to read blogs too and I hope they are not going away anytime soon, because as much as I love Instagram, I feel like I get to know people more through their blogs. Lovely knitting projects :) Have a good weekend!


Well said, Andi. I have often read blogs and forgot to comment, but with Instagram and podcasts seeming to form the core of the online knitting community, I now make a greater effort to do so and let them know their words are still appreciated.

Some of my favourite blogs (like yours!) are a weekly treat to look forward to, others post more sporadically, but all are very dear to me.


Yes please keep blogging! It’s my morning reading on Sundays instead of the newspaper. Oh I have a few vlogs also, it’s the new age/fad. But oh how I love silence of reading alone. My prayers go out to all the victims ether to Mother Nature or by human hands🙏🏻


I just recently started a sad little blog. I am still a new knitter, I don't dye yarn, I don't write patterns. I know no one really reads it, but I still write it and post pictures to it and instagram. While I know podcasts are "the new thing," when it comes to knitting, they are on youtube, and my podcast listening happens on my commute. I would much prefer to read a blog related to fiber arts than watch youtube. I do ocassionally, but it is rare.


Such pretty yarns!! I like that shade of pink!! Thanks for the great music link!! We have cool temps (58 at the moment here) and sunshine. Wishing you a beautiful Sunday!


Thank you on endorsing blogging. I'm on IG and can see why many have stopped. I'm tempted sometimes when I feel I'm wandering aimlessly around. Your pink sock yarn always makes me smile.
I've made you an awesome card but haven't gotten to winding yarn apples for you. It was all about tidying the house for Cupcake's friends and finishing the last of the October babies' cards. This week I'll have more time.


I have been considering starting a knitting blog. I believe your post was exactly what I needed to get that push. Keep knitting and blogging, Andi. Your posts make my Sunday!


I so agree with you about blogging staying around. Instagram cannot be like blogging and vise versa. I love the long slow read and really getting into what people share on a blog :)


Not only is your blog a joy to read, but a huge source of inspiration. I love catching up with you each week, its like catching up with a knitty friend. Yes, knitting connects and keeps us. Thank you for the inspiration and the push to move forward with my blog.



What a lovely post. I so agree with you that many of us turn to knitting for solace and peace. I too limit comments about the sad state of affairs in the world. It is nice to have a place to go for peace. Thank you for such pretty yarny photos.


An interesting subject Andi. I think most things in this world have a cycle where they peak and then decline and I believe ever since Ravelry blogging has been on the decline and in turn I think now Ravelry is on the decline as Instagram and pod-casting have become more popular. I also think certain formats suit certain styles and if you are dyer or pattern writer then IG and pod-casting are where you'll shine but if you are introspective and enjoy sharing then blogging is a better format which is why your blog is so popular. I am very happy to hear that you intend to continue blogging as your blog has been a wonderful place of inspiration and beauty. I of course am always out of the loop and wasn't even aware that some bloggers are throwing in the towel so I guess I won't be changing anything about what I'm doing! lol

Debbie Kuppusamy

I rarely comment but be assured that I relish your weekly posts. We, the readers, need you and this respite from the rest of the world. Thank you for taking the time to share with us.


Thank you for this post. I have been thinking about rebranding and reviving my blog and I will admit at times I have wondered what for. But I appreciate reading blogs and I don’t think think the world is done with them just yet. <3

Andrea @ This Knitted Life

Awesome Andi. Thanks a zillion!


What a great post, Andi! I totally agree- blogging is still a wonderful way to share things, and I still read loads of blogs. I think the independent, non-business blogs are more important than ever!

Carol Thurston

Well, I guess I’m the last person on earth that doesn’t do IG. I would be so sad if this blog and the many others I read daily went away.


I feel like I could have written this post (although not as eloquently as you did!). I don't think blogging's going to disappear, I think we all need these spaces to cope with the things that go on in the rest of our lives and the world <3

Kristen B.

I feel the exact same way about knitting. It always helps me calm my frazzled nerves... it is so comforting! So glad I found your blog. I've been thinking about a blog...and thanks to your encouraging words...I may just finally give it a go!


Please keep blogging! Now more than ever, you are needed!


I completely agree. The knitting is a way to both escape and reflect from the world or even just the grind of everyday. Last night I sat up alone after the dishes were done and the kitchen (was for once) clean watching something I'd watched before on the PBS and knit my sock for an hour. It was just really nice, I slept really well. And the blogging, well, I think that just allows us to connect to the craft and to our fellow crafters at that extra level. It's wonderful and comforting. I'll take that extra!

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