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Love them all, but really love Professor Sprout. Thanks for featuring a Michigan gal.


Beautiful yarns! So hard to choose just one as a favorite. Had to go with Aurora.


Beautiful colorways!! I love the Happy little Narwhal. Lovely yarn!

Kristen K

It’s impossible not to smile when you see Happy Little Narwhal. ☺️ What a fun colorway!

kathy Ellerton

I love 'Baby, It's Cold Outside'. I think of Bing singing it outside when I see this yarn. It would make a great shawl.

mary jo

blue berry crumble color way takes me back to my youth. picking blueberries in the UP.
there is nothing better than blueberries eaten straight off the bush on a warm sunny August morning.


My favourite color is...."My favourtie color is October". Love love love it!!!


Gorgeous yarns! I’m loving Aurora with its pink and orange.


October is my favorite color was my favorite color way. But I bought Witch better have my candy because of the name!

Judy Hudgins

Toss up between Early Grey (oldest daughter's favorite brew) and Blueberry Crumb Cake, which we all love!

Linda Huson

I love this yarn so much - the colors are gorgeous! I would have to say (and this was hard) - my favorite is "Witch Better Have My Candy" (both the name and the color)!

Linda in VA


I would normally say something bright and colorful like Nymphodora Tonks, but that Professor Sprout colorway is making my heart sing!


While I don't see a single color that I don't love, I've gotta say that my favorite is Happy Little Narwhal.


My Favorite Color is October is gorgeous. What a combo of colors!


Love Tiffany! I already have a few of her yarns. (Baby it's cold outside and life is the bubbles), but I've been eyeballing my favorite color is October and professor sprout....

Maggie Corrigan

This was a tough one. In the end I'm going with the Earl Grey color!

Gwen Roberts

Lucky you to be able to pet some beautiful yarn for this blog! I had a peek at Tiffany's site and decided my favourite is ' My Favorite Color is October". It may be too gorgeous for socks. Happy new week.

Anni Z

It's hard to choose a fave! Aurora is pretty, but Witch better have my candy would be hard to pass up! Thank you for introducing Tiffany!


Thank you for featuring this dyer-- her shop is definitely one to favorite! My faves were the half-blood prince, sweater weather, and happy little narwhale.


My favorite might also be Nymphadora Tonks, but it's a close race with The Half Blood Prince. That green is super great!


Wow, that blueberry crumb cake is gorgeous! Although all of them are wonderful.


Happy Sunday! I also like pineapple and ham pizza so I am sure I will love Ella's yarn. I am torn between October and Blueberry Crumble. Any of the colors are luscious and look like a joy to knit.


My favourite is "My Favorite Color is October" ( it's my birthday month )


I really like the half blood prince, but professor sprout is a close second. Thank you for such a lovely give away x


What beautiful colours! I think my favourite is a tie between "Blueberry Crumb Cake" and "My favourite Colour is October". Such gorgeousness!

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