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Dear Andi! Happy to hear that you are recovering and getting back into routine - it always feels nice. Hopefully by next Sunday you'll be up and running! Thank you, as always, for the links - off to read!


So glad you are feeling better day by day! Your projects are beautiful and inspiring - as always.


I'm glad you are feeling better! Love the pink socks you are knitting on.
And thank you for including my socks on your list :)


Andi, I am so glad that things are getting back to normal. I wish you continued good health and lots more knitting!


So so glad you're feeling better each day and feeling up for a bit of gorgeous knitting. And thank you so much for your kind words -- I love spending time on your blog, and it means a lot to me that you enjoy mine!!


Love those socks up top AND that sweater you linked. I end up with sss every time I try to make socks; I've been on a hat kick lately, though, and am hoping to make a sweater soon. Once I decide on a yarn.


So happy to hear you are feeling better every day, Andi! I am keeping you in my prayers until you are back to full steam ahead! Love those pink speckled socks and thank you for the links! blessings ~ tanna


Hi Andi!
I have been following your blog for a long while now, but I’m shy and haven’t commented I apologize for that! Anyway I just wanted you to know you were in my thoughts and I hope you are feeling better! You bring joy to my Sunday mornings, thank you!


I am so happy you are feeling better each day. Soon you will be back in the pink. :-) The yarns in your projects are fabulous as always. Have a good week.

Shirley Flavell

Hope you continue to getting more improved to back to A1 Andi.Enjoyed your monthly "loves"


The blue of your hat is simply lovely.

Glad to read that you are feeling a bit better. Hope you continue to improve and your knitting mojo kicks in.

Caffeine Girl

So glad you are on the mend. This has been quite an ordeal for you! You must know you never need to apologize. Blogging means never having to say you're sorry ... or something like that.


Glad you are back Andi! Love the purple toe on your socks. Hope November is better for you.


I am glad you are feeling better! Just take it slow and you will be back to normal soon:).

kathy b

Good to see you are knitting again!! I will check out Katherine's link


so happy to hear that you are on the mend....and that knitting is back in your life!! love those speckles!!!! and thanks for the shout-out!!! :) can you believe it's NOVEMBER?!? and that DECEMBER comes next?!? eep! Not ready. Not ready. Not ready!!!


So glad you are back Andi, and thanks for the links. Beautiful as always.


I hope that the recovery is still going smoothly and that you are feeling better! Lovely pair of socks and the speckles really are gorgeously fun.


So glad to have you back in blogland this week! Another lovely bunch of links for October, that skein story post from Sarah very nearly made me tear up. And thank you so much for sharing my new sweater! I can attest that it is very cozy and the perfect wearable hug, although I'm sure I am showing my bias :)


Andi ... I have been away from blogging for a while & am catching up on recent posts now. I didn't realize you were having health ussues. I a, glad you're feeling better. Will pray for your total recovery. xxx


so glad you are feeling a bit better every day - such good news!!

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