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Ooo, Rose Quartz, Mulled, - most of them really could keep my feet warm! And I absolutely love the rich depth of colour in Nevermore, on your blog. Thanks to Shari for this gift 😀


I really enjoyed those twelve posts !
It's been lovely to see so much indie dyed yarns. This one makes no exception, obviously !
I think it needs ( at least ) a top three, so I go for Poppy, Fizzle and Chai :)


Oh how beautiful! I'm a purple girl, but I also love speckles, so I'd have to say my favorite colorway is Dirty Laundry...I think a skein of Dirty Laundry might find its way into my cart, and perhaps Vintage Balloon as well!


My favourite is the chai. ALthough I suspect it's one of htose yarns that is favourite in the skein, but might not knit up as well. The Tide looks like a good one to actually make things out of.


Love those colors! I was unable to choose one -- for me it's a toss-up betweenBestie, Scout, and Bumble.

Mélanie Morin

Oh my! Do I really have to choose? Sigh...😃 Then, I wiuld say I like Lust colorway very much. Thanks!

Shannon C.

Shari has so many beautiful colourways it's hard to choose just one..... I would say my favourite is Chai. I love the mix of rich colours.


So hard to choose just one! But I think Old Soul is my favourite. Thank you for this generous giveaway!


I love the Old Soul colorway😀


I stepped out of my normal box and chose Mintie, Thank you for your 12 indie dyers, I tried to buy a scan from all of them. Enjoy your knitting week ahead.


I can't decide! I love Chai, Tide, and Mintie. Tea Leaves is also gorgeous.

I think if I had to pick just one, I'd go for Mintie.


Chai is GORGEOUS. Pumpkin Spice is second for me. Thanks for the chance!

I love reading interviews with dyers, I'm hoping once I get more blog traffic I can start doing that, also. Right now I only have one interview up.

mary jo

so many lovelies it is hard to pick. I love both burnt and maize but since socks for my son are next on my list I would go with tide. the blue is just lovelyand would go with his uniform.


What an awesome collection of colorways! I love Loose Change ... clever name that describes itself perfectly!


Oh my, what lovely colors in her store! For me, my favorite is Chai; the colors in this yarn are just perfect.


Chai Sensible Sock is gorgeous!


I really love the Chai colorway! Actually she has lots of brilliant stuff-- some great speckles and really intense brights and darks, beautiful.

Caffeine Girl

I've already won, so don't put me in for the drawing.
I just wanted to scold you for showing me so much amazing yarn! How can I resist her Sensible Sock yarns?
And I love the sweaters she mentions!


Thank you for featuring all the indie dyers this year, it was fun to read the interviews and so see the beautiful yarn. I liked tea leaves from her Etsy page. Have a good week Andi!


My favorite is candied and second favorite is trimmed, both would make amazing socks!


I was taken by Chai almost immediately - and then Pumpkin Spice. But the one that spoke to me is Old Soul. I think because I am one!
My birthday is December 30th, so what fun if I won!

Linda in VA


Oh gosh she's got a lot of gorgeous yarn. But forced to choose I would pick Midnight Oil! It's been a fun year of "meeting" the indie dyers Andi. Hope you are feeling well and able to enjoy the holidays ~

deeann clark

oh for sure... plume! love your blog.


Trimmed has to be my favorite. I will be keeping an eye on her etsy shop. Thank you for the year of indie dyers. You have introduced me to many dyers I would never have found. I thank you but my wallet does not. lol


Sooo many to choose from! At the moment, Woodland or Candied, but tomorrow I might have a new favorite from this amazing dyer! Thanks for sharing all of these wonderful shops!

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