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It snowed in South Texas last week, which was a Christmas miracle! The best part being that it didn't ice the streets and melted happily by the next day.

I am in your boat though, growing up in KS with snow almost every year (or at least under 30 degree weather), it seems weird to be in a state where it doesn't get that way. I can't knit worsted sweaters anymore either, unless I want to barely wear them. Hmmmmm

Thank you for the lovely post today, I always love seeing the blanket. Who cares how long it takes, it is worth every minute to know how special it is.

Caffeine Girl

We have no snow here in southern Wisconsin, so it doesn't feel very Christmasy to me. Once I was in Florida for Christmas (in the 1970s, as a child) and lights without snow looked so weird to me. But now that's becoming normal here!

I did not know about these knitty vlogs, so I'm excited to check them out!


I love the blanket. Where can you find the pattern?


Sweet looking socks! The blanket will be loved so much when you're all done. Cool song! Merry Christmas Andi!


What a wonderful yarny package, that yarn is so you! And I love that you only work on that blanket in the cooler weather, I think it's totally normal for a big project like that, with all the scrap and memories of each square building over time. And you know how I love Angus & Julia Stone!


your blanket is looking spectacular!! I bet it's nice to sit under it and knit :)


My holiday season has been much like yours, knitting and VLOGMAS!!! I wouldn't have it any other way.


You are most welcome, darling! I can't wait to see what pattern you use with that self-striping yarn but if you just knit vanilla, it'll be fun to see them pink stripes work up. I hope to cast on my Cozy Memories blanket this winter break. Five more days!


I love that the Zen Blanket is back again. ;) Like an old friend back for a stay. Stephanie "fixed you up" as we say in Texas. LOL! Love all your goodies and look forward to seeing what you create! Happy knitting! blessings ~ tanna
ps not to worry about the mailing! all in good time. all in good time. xoxo


Love, love, love the song.


I love your scrappy blanket! So colorful and looks fun to knit up. Your mail looks like it included a lot of nice things. Thank you for sharing the vlogmas knitting podcasts, I should check them out! Lovely music it is so calming and beautiful. Thank you for sharing. MY holidays have been great so far, enjoying spending time with family and my boyfriend and getting some knitting in once and awhile which is always nice. Merry Christmas!


Yay for pink yarn!

I have decided I will consider this sock yarn blanket everyone is bonkers for down the line. I will work on the ridiculous stash some more and then start some monster socks. However I am going to Bag off my xmas sock yarn remnants for future xmas sock blanket. that's a lot of xmas socks in my future.


What a sweet thoughtful present from Stefanie. The handmade card is gorgeous. It always makes me happy to see pictures of your blanket. Must agree that blanket knitting is the perfect project for the season we are in. So soothing and cozy. I have 3 cozy memories on the needles and they all make for happy holiday knitting.

Andrea @ This Knitted Life

Well aren't you all warm and seasonal over here. I love it.

I hope your holiday is a rocking one, Andi. And I hope you are feeling better.

Much love!

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