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Gail L.

Praying that your healing process continues quickly in 2018 - love the box of socks, at the beginning of 2017 I was just a newbie at sock knitting and never thought I'd ever knit enough socks to fill a box ....... so happy that I was wrong, turns out I've knit a total of 13 pairs this year.

Always look forward to your blog posts on Sunday mornings - Merry Christmas to you and may 2018 be happy and kind for you.


Merry Christmas! I too made a BoxOSox pround to say.I'm knitting a pair of mittens to and was able to finish a pair of mitts yesterday.This is just to sooth the soul. The guys will make cookies later and me, yes you guessed it i'll be knitting lol.Happy New Year!


Merry Christmas, Andi!! Your BoxOSox is just as delightful to look at as I imagine they are to wear!! Eye-Candy! Wishing you all the very best in 2018 and keeping you in prayer. blessings ~ tanna

Caffeine Girl

Your box of sox is just adorable. And one can never have too many pink socks!
I hope that 2018 is healthy year for you!


Your box of socks is wonderful. I need to knit me some pink socks!!
Merry Christmas... keep on healing.


Merry Christmas! Lovely box of socks! I've had a very relaxing 23 and 24 to recover from a mild cold. I got some knitting done which has been rare lately and have spent a nice day with my sister today. Enjoy the holidays and take good care xx


What a ldo very box of socks. I still do not see sock knitting in my future but I can admire! Merry Christmas to you and yours.


Beautiful socks Andi, it looks like something good to eat when looking at the box! It's lovely! Wishing you a great Christmas time and a new year full of happiness and laughter!


Hope you are having a very merry day!!! Love the socks! (of course!!!)


I hope your health continues to improve as we head into 2018 - and wishing you a wonderful Christmas!


Merry Christmas, Andi, and best wishes for good health in the coming year.


Simply lovely box o sox. I should have done that. I mean, I loved wearing them right away, but I am also a little sad to see some of this year's pairs already fading.

I don't think I can do 12 pairs next year, I am worn out. But I always love seeing your socks and it's such great inspiration.

Merry Christmas Andi :) <3


I'm sorry you're still in the healing stage. I hope you are comfortable and are soon done. I love that Opal sock yarn; that green caught me eye. Love your filled Box of Sox. I only had three pairs this year but that's okay.


Your Box o' Sox looks beautiful! Wear them in health in 2018!

Wishing you all the best in 2018 with lots of knitting time, good tea and good friends (bloggy or otherwise)!


What a lovely box of socks. I wish you a peaceful holiday with healing to continue in the New Year. I always enjoy your posts.


Merry Christmas Andi!


I hope that your Christmas was merry & bright Andi! Seeing your finished box o' sox was a lovely start to the day and inspiring me to join in for next year. Have fun wearing them in 2018 :)


Your box o'socks are fantastic! They could all be pink and it would be perfection! Maybe another year. hehe.

I hope this finds you knitting and relaxed enjoying the end of the year. Feeling all the good that can come during a transition.

I love that Opal yarn. I'm obsessed with Christmas yarns right now. Yes, hoarding any kind of sock yarn might be a bit of a problem for this friend of yours, but there are worst things and everyone is getting fed and the lights are still on ... ;)


Lovely box 'o socks! I see lots of pink and it is so pretty. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas Andi!


Happy holidays, dear Andi! Thank you so much for all the love and support sent my way this year!!! Your yarn box looks just amazing - love it so much!


Ohmygoodness gorgeous BoxOSocks!!! Get better and knit on in the New Year! Hugs!


I really love the Opal Little Prince yarn as well! Which ones are you still on the lookout for?

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