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That Ohra shawl is calling my name. Thanks for the lovely links and hope December treats you well.

Caffeine Girl

I am just in love with your Ohra shawl. Trying to resist casting on one for myself!
Isn't Deb a great knitter? She inspired me to join in Knitvent, and I am so glad I did. All the patterns are lovely!

Cortney Bougher

Thanks for the love! I've been in a serious knitting mood, I think it's the cold weather that makes me want to knit more wonderful woolens to wrap up in. Happy December!


Once again, your photos are stunning.

I am NOT casting on another new thing until everything is OFF the sock needles.



Your Ohra shawl looks beautiful !
Yes, I wish I could knit all the things, too... But I refrain from casting on all things, as I know it will only leave me frustrated at some point for not making enough progress on each and never finishing anything...


OH. MY. GOODNESS!!!! I am sooo excited, Andi! Now, to imagine what to do with such loveliness! Thank you. thank you. thank you. I am loving your shawls (always my favorite thing to knit and wear). I finished my Pistachio Saffron sweater last night. Have to block it before the cold front comes this week! Yay! I am really, really hoping I will love wearing this sweater. Ha! Have a wonderful week, Andi and thank you, again. blessings ~ tanna


I always love seeing what you're working on-your current knits all look so charming! Your November list is so great, I love Julie's gift guide, and I can't believe I hadn't seen the Ivy sweater yet!


Hoping that the first one went through, computer being weird. If not I meant to post this:

I LOVE your shawl, it's such a beautiful pattern. Although We Were Seeds may have it beat - her's turned out amazing!

Thanks for sharing Andi, have a great week :)


Gorgeous. Now I have castonitis too...especially socks!


Beautiful shawl!! You are so talented Andi! Have a wonderful week!


Okay, I'm excited for your Christmas socks, too! Your shawls are looking great, too. Such an awesome link round up, and thank you so much for including my knitter's gift guide!


I do hope you are feeling much better, castonitis is a disease that is welcomed by knitters :)


That pink sock yarn makes me so happy! And I love that Ohra Shawl pattern, especially the FO's that have the little fringes in it.


Oh no! I didn't know you couldn't comment all this time. I'm so sorry. I haven't done anything different w/the settings. I hope you can continue on after today's post. XO


Christmas socks are always a must, regardless if they get a finish. Tis the season!


Thank you for the lovely mention! Your shawls are looking so pretty. I am trying to be good and not cast on all the things but it's hard when there are so many beautiful projects on everyone's blogs. Will enjoy going through the links with my morning coffee today :)


Thank you so much for including my post in your loves!!! I am so happy you love Ivy, it is a very special project to me!

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