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as always, I LOVE the tour through blogland....great links, great inspiration!! Thanks

Caffeine Girl

As always, I love your loves.
Deb's box of socks is so gentle and beautiful.
The summer tops are such a good idea. It is time to think ahead. However, I have to finish some WIPs before moving onto anything new!


Nice pair of socks that are almost finished! I like the pattern on them and the colors. I like your notion pouch contents, all very useful. I have been away at times and missing what I needed. I got a field bag for Christmas and hope to put everything I need in that for trips away and make sure I pack up all the little necessities in there.


Thank you so much for featuring me, Andi! In my notions pouch, I always carry a tiny sewing kit (with embroidery needle), scissors, gauge ruler, pencil, crochet needle and stitch markers! Those always seem to be my necessities and have saved me from many emergencies. But I always have to be careful when flying to not forget it in my carry on otherwise I get in trouble ;).


I will say, having my stash on shelves, viewable to me every day, make "digging" through a lot less stressful and is a constant reminder of what I have.

As for my notions, I carry the usual. Never really anything special in there, although some of the standards - scissors, stitch markers - are special ones I've gotten over time.

Have a great week Andi!

Debbie Kuppusamy

Thanks ,once again, for the wonderful blogs mentioned. I love checking them out and finding some that speak to me. And , now I must go clean out my notions ! I have several bags that I store with individual project but am now coveting your tidiness.


Beautiful knitting, Andi, and thank you for the links!! Always enjoy inspiration from our yarn peeps. ;) My notions are in a little plastic organizer box: scissors, stitch markers, row counter, and crochet hooks (emergency repairs of dropped stitches). Have a wonderful week. blessings ~ tanna


I think I fiddle with my notions containers at least every season. Fun! lovely socks and I am guessing you are feeling better, at least I do hope so!


So many great things in this post, Andi! Firstly I love that you spent over an hour "yarn shopping" in your stash! I do this too :) As for the notions pouch, one can never have enough tools at the ready so it was fun seeing what made the cut in yours. I have a tiny pouch for my on-the-go knitting with just the basics (scissors, stitch markers, a row counter, yarn needle, tape measure and tiny crochet hook). But then I have a bigger bag with all the tools. Looking forward to visiting all of those wonderful links, especially the sock posts.


Seeing your gorgeous yarns here, I can imagine that your stash is just filled to bursting with pretties! I also loved Angela's little knit parade this month- her model is just too precious!!

Jennifer Wade

On the knitting tool kits - I have several made up with knitting notions such as stitch markers, small scissors, measuring tapes, crochet hooks, stitch holders, yarn needles, stitch/row gauge, row counters, highlighter tape, etc. Then when I have a couple projects that I'm working on primarily, each project bag gets a notions/tool kit, so I never have to worry about not having what I need. And everybody in my knitting group always knows I will have the tool they need when they don't, so it's a win-win situation. :)

Andrea @ This Knitted Life

Thank you including me in your monthly list! Always an honor!

How are you feeling these days???


What a pleasure to discover all this links! Thank you very much!

Rebecca Lately

Ooh! What is that little tub that looks like a solid lotion?


Those socks are beautiful Andi. I can see why you are feeling so dedicated. And yes, I just did that very thing you did, when you went through your stash to get that other bit of yarn for an ongoing project and then spent some time visiting some old friends that are waiting for their turn. DREAM CITY. I too have refrained and am sticking with my general plan. I am also very excited for the things the future and my stash have to bring. I think there are a lot of us that are going to be turning to our stashes this coming year. :)


It was fun to look at your goodies. How're you feeling? Are you feeling better? I love looking through my fingering weight bins. Sock yarn is so fun.

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