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i envy you that blissful state!!!! I have too many things lingering that held my love only briefly....and now are a black cloud over my knitter's head. I'm hoping to find the love again for them someday. Until then......I have a really deep black hole to toss them into!!!!


So many lovely knitting projects. I just have had no time this week but think I will squeeze in a couple of rows later. I am making socks too.


Love seeing all the projects and glad that you are enjoying working on them all right now. I am finding joy in my knitting right now. I am working on some fingerless mittens that are so fun and loving the yarn I am working with. It makes a difference when you really love your project and the yarn. Have a good Sunday!


That riot of color is so pretty and would draw me right in to pick up any one of those projects!!!!

Happy knitting, indeed!


LOL on starting a new sock project. I was tempted to but really want to finish Harry. That purple yarn is bright like spring forcing its sunshine among the cold winter. I hope you're feeling better my darling. XO


I adore that sock striping!!! So lovely :) I like your word and I hope you are nourished in life through knitting and wellness.

Caffeine Girl

I totally agree: I love having choices when I go to pick up my needles. I have no idea of how many socks I have in various stages.
I'll never be a monogamous knitter!


Frogging an unloved project is very freeing! Good for you. You have lots of wonderful projects going, I particularly love the yarn you have chosen for Melodia. I'm finding joy is simply watching a beautiful handpainted yarn unfold in stockinette and working on a pair of ripple wave socks! BTW I'm currently ready Harry Potter too - currently on book 2 :)


Oh what a stunning collection of projects! It must have felt so good to frog projects that were no longer bringing much joy! Those striping socks ... I can see why you *had* to cast them on!

My knitting is mostly putting me in a happy place at the moment, though I'm not making as much progress as I'd like. There's so many things I want to be knitting right this minute, and I can't do them all! I need to remember to take a breath, pause, and enjoy what's actually on my needles instead of just trying to get to the next thing!


Just having time to knit brings me joy, and doing it surrounded by friends.

I love your striped socks, and who care how many you have on the needles. As long as you have enough needles to get the job done, than go for it!


Ah, so good to hear that you are feeling chipper and your knitting is bringing you joy! that is the best. So many pretty projects, too!


A stripey pair of knitted socks I have been working off and on since mid last year brings me a smile lol


That Zombie Bride is GORGEOUS! I look forward to seeing that beautiful piece finished. I may need to have a frogging party myself. There are only a couple of things on needles that need to either move forward or move OFF the needles, but there is a project that is "finished" that I am so disappointed in... it haunts the back of my mind that it might could be altered... and so IT may need to be ended by frogging or reborn by re-doing. Hmmmm.... Wishing you a wonderful week, Andi. I love "nourish". blessings ~ tanna


Beautiful colors and lovely projects. Happy Knitting indeed!


Oooo! I can feel that knit love in this post! Fresh sock cast ons. Me too, me too! I am knitting some lovely Indigo socks and just wrapped up my xmas socks. Ready for something else ... Not sure with the socks yet, so I think I'll focus on some gifts that were requested! Wishing you well, Andi.


Love your new sock yarn. That color combo is gorgeous! I just love how knitting waits patiently for you right where you left off. If it's a project you love, it always feels special to return to.


Yes! Must agree that the best way to follow up a frogging party is to cast-on for new fun projects. Love that you are loving your knitting right now. I am feeling the same way about my projects (many of which are WIPS that I've fallen in love with again).

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