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It has a bit of chaos and also slow here. I hope to get myself very organized so I can soon leave on my trip. Your work is always so beautiful Andi and the colors are so lovely! Have a wonderful week!!


I am more instant gratification xxx If I do a bigger project I like it to be chunky so it knits up quicker. Or quick crochet. Love the beautiful yarn colours.


I am mostly a sock knitter. Like you, my weather didn't dictate a lot of snuggly, warm projects. Even socks I didn't get to wear as much as I would like.

Now that I live in a place with more cooler weather than warm, I think my focus will change to heavier knits. But, socks will ALWAYS be my main knit. I just love knitting them.

I can see why you kept Ohra. The pattern is gorgeous and the colors you chose are just perfect.

Happy knitting!

Grace B

I'm hooked on socks but made sure to finish a pair of mittens as the cold on the East coast has been brutal.It was a sunny 14 this morning.Have a great week!

Catherine Schack

What could be bad...socks from Opal's Petit Prince series, just the best!


I do hope you are feeling better. It's not fun to be in the hospital. The socks are lovely, as always.

On last week's post, the 7th, where did you find the little tin for the scissors and the bookmark? I love them both, and I would like to find them myself. Thank you!


Love your latest sock yarn. I’m currently knitting mittens, so quick and small projects for me. Been catching up on lots of your music videos. Always lovely and inspiring artists/songs/music to discover.


I do a little of both, I say do what makes your heart sing! I'm knitting a sweater, a pair of socks and a pair of mitts. All make me quite happy!

Sandrine C.

Hi! Thanks for the thinking... I am definitly a process knitter, and no, I haven't dared big projects until now. I was willing to start a sweater for myself, but I procrastinated and started a pair of socks instead...
But keep on with your Ohra shawl. It is just such a beautiful one you are knitting. It is definitely worth finishing it!
Thank you for your blog, I totally enjoy reading you.
With love


Smaller, but usually due to budget for yarn than the time it will take. My stash is mostly single skeins so it's hard to justify buying more to make something big. BUT i love the sweaters I do have.

I think that I enjoy process knitting, but not LONG process knitting. For example, my 12th pair for 2017 was a cabled sock and it was tedious so I have only finished one so far.

Have a great week Andi.

Jannette B.

My knitting projects are all over the board - socks, sweaters, a shawl or two... (and some of those projects even get finished!). I also crochet and quilt, plus care for my father on a part-time basis, so my knitting time is at a premium. I have about 6 in-progress knits going on right now - some need far more concentration than I can give most days - so there are "mindless" projects for those days.


I usually have a small project and a larger project, like a sweater or good sized shawl, on the needles and move back and forth between them. This cold winter makes sweater knitting more appealing. Shawls and mitts/mittens are my favorite projects. I like socks too, especially for carrying around and because sock yarn is just so darn much fun. I just like it all - process and product.

Caffeine Girl

Well, I love knitting socks, too, but it takes me more than a couple weeks to knit a pair!
I am a total sucker for Opal yarn. Those socks are gorgeous.
I hope your health is continuing to improve and that you have a great week!


I knit a lot of donation hats which are a great way to have some finished objects to mix in with the longer projects. I love knitting shawls and this last year I have been knitting sweaters but a few of those are getting frogged since the end result was not something I love. I have two larger shawls in my queue that I hope to get to in 2018. But mostly I just love knitting


Always always love ya socks and here I just crochet a washcloth for instant gratification and to spur my mojo for my knit and crochet socks on hold lol Glad you are doing ok at moment too xoxo


Without a doubt my favorite projects to knit and to wear have been shawls. I'm really working on making myself do a few sweaters... Truth is I've never worn a lot of sweaters, so... could be an adventure in knitting insanity. LOL! I've knit one pair of socks. One and done. Every other local knitting friend I have is addicted to sock knitting... just didn't take with me. I have really enjoyed the afghans I've done. They'd be second place to shawls. I love to SEE everyone's socks. ;-) Have a wonderful week, dear Andi. blessings ~ tanna


I've found myself lately having three projects in progress at a time. One pair of socks, one shawl or accessory, and one sweater or large project. That gives me a lot of variety and flexibility for on-the-go or at-home knitting. Need a project to throw in my purse? Socks! Going for a road trip with my mother (where we will talk the whole way)? Garter stitch shawl or a stockinette sleeve! Need a quiet moment at home concentrating on something other than work? Complicated stitch in the shawl or new technique in a sweater! I like the variety, but having more than 3 projects on the needles at a time makes me feel scatter brained. I can't keep up.

Also, I just started following your blog right before Christmas. I would just like to say that I really love your calm, considerate writing voice and your pictures of your knitting. And that you consistently update on Sundays. I really enjoy clicking over here on Monday mornings with my coffee to read your latest thoughts. :)


Happy to hear that you had a good week! Hopefully you are feeling better too.
My project preferences have definitely changed over the years. I used to gravitate towards larger projects like sweaters but in the past couple of years, socks have been the star of the knitting basket. One of my goals this year is to mix things up a bit and have both small and large projects on the go. I do miss sweater knitting and the satisfaction of finishing a nice big project.


Would you knit pieces for hot weather? I feel I will need to this year because we do get warm weather once spring hits. I still am short in the warm weather clothes department.
Thanks for your recent visit; I'm glad you were able to comment without trouble.


I like to knit the quicker projects because I like to see the final products quickly. but I do enjoy knitting projects which take some time as well so I can enjoy knitting them longer before they are done. I have really enjoyed knitting my sweater last year that took many months and then putting it all together I felt proud of myself for working on something so long and making a bigger project. I was thinking you may have a point that you delay finishing those bigger projects because you feel you won't use them. I think that maybe sometimes and I have noticed I get more out of knitting some projects than what I do when they are finished. Lovely projects you have on the go. Happy knitting and I Love the song!


I think its great you're following your instinct! You are definitely a process knitter and even if these pieces are not completed you have gotten your process! You've probably handled some lovely yarns and learned a technique or two in the process!

I'm mad for Opal yarn!


I'll admit, I've thought about moving to a colder climate just so I can wear more knits.


I am in process of doing a shawl that is lighter - more for summer when at the beach. http://www.cascadeyarns.com/patternsFree/W532_TangierSweetTeaShawl.pdf . It is the first time that I have ever tried a shawl of this type and I have never blocked before so I am looking forward to finishing it soon(ish). I have frogged it at least 4 times, but now use a counter to remember where I left off on it this time in hopes of having better luck.

I am 1/2 and 1/2 on small vs large. Socks take a long time for me anyway so anything I do it seems is always a long time. One day I hope to get to a sweater - I would really love to do one.

I loved learning about frogging and incidentally tinking too. I had never heard the terms for what I have been doing all my life. Thank you

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