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Glad to hear you will do more knitting this year! I hope to do a few more crochet things and specially now that there is a granddaughter on the way. Our first grandchild so we are over the moon. Wishing you a great year in 2018. Good health above all, love and joy!

Shirley Flavell

Happy New Year Andi and it's great to hear of your plans for the year.I do hope you keep good health and get a lot of your desired projects done. I choose a word rather than a resolution for the new year. This year I have chosen "kindness". I have been on the receiving end of it and it is a lovely feeling. Take care and happy knitting.Hot ++ here in N.Z.


my knitting is haphazard because of a new pet, so any knitting is what I want to be knitting. I am currently working on mitts, a sweater and a pair of socks. I'm happy!! Glad you are okay again. You can share as much as you want, we are your friends!

Grace B

I kept checking here for your post and I thought she's got to be ok.I was thinking of putting all my true sock yarn in one container. A much faster way to stash dive.

Caffeine Girl

I am so glad you are on the mend again. I know how you feel about not using your blog to complain or solicit sympathy -- but the fact is that your blog friend want to know what is going on. We care. And our sympathy is heart-felt.

I hope your year brings a fountain of health and knitting!


Happy New Year, I hope your list of to do’s are accomplished. My plans are to just keep doing what makes me and my family happy.Here’s to 2018!


I've decided to be a more mindful knitter. No more days of half-knit objects laying around. I'm going monogamous .... well, sort of. One project + the ongoing scrappy blanket.

Otherwise I just get too distracted.

Hope you continue to feel better. Happy knitting and happy new year.

Andrea @ This Knitted Life

I hope you are home and healing. Lots of live coming your way.


Glad you are better Andi, and really enjoying that orange sock yarn. As I posted on the KAL, I'm trying to appreciate things more this year. Appreciate those who have helped me get where I am and appreciate the little time I am given to create.

Have a great week :)


I like your word. Nourish applies to so many facets of our lives. In the past couple of years, I've had "Yes" and "Joy"; I'm not sure about this year yet. I'll keep thinking on it. ;) blessings ~ tanna


I hope you continue to feel better. I love the look of that cozy sock yarn blanket. Just the ticket to snuggle up under while you work on it.


Happy knitting and be well in the new year, Andi!


Ooo, Opal sock yarn on a magic loop! I saw some yarn that Autumn Geisha was knitting and ordered and hoarded it for later this year. I'm obsessed with Christmas yarn. My idea is to eventually knit a sock scrap blanket specifically with my Christmas yarn scraps through the years.

2018 I'm keeping the sock train going (hopefully enough to gift and box!) I'm going to knit from the stash, and I'm going to make sweaters. For reals. xoxo


I want to knit more socks this year - maybe a pair every other month and finally cast on my Hitofude!


Thinking of you and hope you are soon well. Your blog has made me a sock knitter, and I thank you for that.


Wow! I frogged a huge blanket last year and also have to admit it was kinda fun! But putting all the yarn back into their balls aren't fun at all. I wound them by hand and my arm hurts the next day!


If you need to vent, we are here, never judging. I'm glad you're feeling better and I hope that continues. Yay for keepin' it real and lettin' in the frogs. I need to frog that flamingo project of mine. I know I won't wear it, sadly.


I am so pleased you are on the mend! I know how good it feels to "clear the decks" so to speak. Now the we've downsized and a BIG way and are living with less, you have no idea how incredibly freeing it is and how great I feel, all the time. I should have done this years ago. Wishing you all the very best Andi and I'm so glad you are better.


Happy New Year! All the best and very good health for you! I think I'd like to knit a cardigan and also reduce my stash knitting socks :) Take care xx

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