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Always love the grandma comment. It’s good to hear you’re well on the way to recovery. It is amazing to have another day even when we are not feeling our best. Have a wonderful week!


I love that little monkey ... Happy Sunday to you and hope you have lots of rest xx


You brought a smile to my face this morning, hope you have a lovely day! Glad to hear you are recovering well!

Grace B

I like to reply nothing fits your feet like hand knit socks.


I try to be as brief as possible in my answers, unless it turns out to be another knitter, when full-scale descriptions are called for.
It saddens me to hear someone sigh, Oh I WISH I could learn to knit. I always offer at once to teach them how. I carry extra needles and scrap yarn in my bag for this purpose. Usually this frightens them away, sadly enough. But maybe, someday...


People are the same everywhere, aren't they? I get the very same comments/questions when I'm knitting in public. To that....'I don't have the patience to knit', I always answer...which to me is the truth and the reason I knit.....I don't have the patience NOT to knit. I can't sit still with idle hands. I MUST be doing something, and what better 'something' than something that you can share, gift, or wear?

So happy to hear you are progressing steadily!!!


I love your post. Grandmothers make everything wonderful. My favorite part is your new quote! I am an avid fan of quotes. I believe they make us better. I had not heard this one before. I have to keep it! Thank you.

Di Ross

You are so right about the non knitters comments funny 😂 you may already know but I’m sure you won a prize over on Kristen’s Voolenvine podcast 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️👍😊


so good to read that you are feeling better, onward and upward! your mom sounds like a fun mom and sweet as well :) If i hid something in my daughter's house I doubt it would be discovered any time soon...

Caffeine Girl

I love the way your mom hides little ceramic creatures when she visits. I love that idea. When my kids have their own homes, I think I'll hide chocolate!
I tell people I'm happy to knit a (whatever) for them for $1,000. That's the end of that.
Then I like to tell them that knitting is as good for your brain as meditation.
I know many people struggle with the cold, but I love it when it's accompanied by snow and blue skies -- so I'm not complaining!


I love the idea of your Mom hiding things in your home. When my daughter comes to visit, I usually leave a hand knit washcloth and a bar of soap in the guest room. The whole patience idea around knitting makes me smile. I tell them I'm too impatient not to knit. I am glad to hear that you are feeling better. Keep taking good care. Your knitting is lovely by the way.


As always, so pleased you are feeling and doing much better health wise. It had to have been serious to land you in the hospital. Your mom sounds absolutely delightful! Warmest of wishes to you from the West Coast of B.C.


I do try to answer peoples' questions politely, but one truly taxes me .....

I don't have the time to knit. None of us HAVE the time. We MAKE the time. (I'll bet those same people find time to play online video games or watch TV.)


Those questions from non-knitters sounds so familiar, pretty sure I've heard them all by now.. Mostly they do come from genuine interest, so I don't mind i too much, but the ones about the person not being patient enough etc. always tend to annoy me a bit.


Knitting is like so many things in life; until you experience it, you just can't understand. That pink yarn is just too beautiful, Andi. I'm drooling. And, your shawl... it will be so yummy!

I love the idea or your Mom hiding ceramic critters in your home. So fun!

Continue to heal. blessings ~ tanna
ps loved the song.


So good to hear that you are healing well! I love knitting in public and the comments from non-knitters can be really amusing. One time a little boy asked me what the biggest piece of knitting I ever made was. I told him it was a magical blanket for my son and his eyes got huge as he looked at my yarn and needles like they were going to float out of my hands. So cute!

kathy b

your socks are just so lovely . I love that your mom shares a family tradition that is unique withyou. When people ask my those things, I say Im addicted. Cause I am


I'm so glad you're feeling better and healing well! That little ceramic monkey is absolutely darling, mothers are the greatest at finding ways to make us smile and feel better :)


Love that song!! And that beautiful purple shawl in progress. I can only knit in public when 'm feeling very generous, because I hate the questions from non knitters! Or once, I even had an elderly lady on the subway tell me I was knitting incorrectly (maybe she only knew Continental style?!). Or sometimes if I am knitting in public, I put in headphones, even if I'm not listening to anything, just to discourage the conversation. Btu again, it depends on my mood and if I'm feeling up for the questions or backhanded compliments! ;)


So glad you're getting better and feeling stronger. I support knitting outside when the weather allows and you have the time. I know these questions and statements from non knitters so well. I think even some of my closest friends are beginning to understand how much the knitting ... even when I give it away is for me. I rarely promise anything on a timeline. hehe.


Sunshine please! Texas is too cold right now!

I get comments so often on my public knitting, usually exactly the way you said. BUT for every unintentially rude one, there is also a sincere one, or even a "Can you teach me?"

We have had a couple of days at school with extra time at the end of class and 2 of my 6th graders actually asked me to teach them to knit. It was really sweet trying to show them on dirty old paintbrushes this morning!


Lovely to see you are making some recovery and yes knitting can sure help and love that monkey ♥ Comments can be very interesting indeed while doing our knit/crochet when out and see ♥ Keep on recovering and may your health feel healing thoughts your way from me xo


That is nice you are knitting at work on your breaks. That is such a cute monkey and so sweet that your mom puts them around for you to find. Good to hear you are feeling better!


When people tell me they think knitting is too hard or takes too much concentration, I like to say that it gets easier with practice. Most everyone agrees.


It sure is funny how people react to our knitting! Some show admiration and interest while others obviously try to camouflage that they think it must be really boring or something like that :)

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