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I think this time of year always has me yearning for a recharge. The gray winter days begin to wear on me. I crave a bright, sunny day with flowers and green all around. No doubt, knitting and crochet help get me through, but it's like the last six miles of a marathon... tough going. My recharge will come with spring. ;) Hope you get charged to the brim with your cute feline knitting companion and your lovely assortment of tea along with a good knit! blessings ~ tanna


Unplugging and 'hiding away' with knitting and reading sounds absolutely heavenly. In fact, it's what I've been doing for almost a week now and it is exactly what I needed!


It seems I am always on the go. With work and then the usual stuff that has to get done on the week end. I am counting down, looking forward to when I can retire, take things slowly. For now I take and enjoy the quite time when I wake up earlier then the others to read my blogs. It is so quite, relaxing. Don’t get me wrong I love my family and would not have it any other way,but I just need the quite, no rushing, no sound , no talking time as well.🙂❤️

Grace B

What a cute Kitty ,I love Oolong tea.I've been know to drink more than a pot at lunch.
Happy up coming week!


your kitty is SO cute! he's the perfect companion for an unplugged day :)

i've been thinking of making a couple little kitties to sit on the windowsill in my office since i don't allow the girls in there (cats+yarn is a no-no).


When I need a recharge, I tend to knit. But not on anything stressful, something I can just knit to. Usually with wine, as Tea tends to just be a morning thing.

I love your sweet little kitty, what a great gift. Also loving that shawl, the colors and pattern are so perfect.

Have a beautiful week Andi <3


I love the colors you chose for your shawl and the cable down the middle. It will look so lovely when it is done! I have that feeling too of needing to recharge or reevaluate what goals are if I am off track. I like to recharge by watching a movie that speaks to what I am dealing with, knitting, and music also helps. I always love the music you share. Happy knitting and hope you feel recharged after this Sunday of spending it doing what you would like to do!


you got a cat? awesome!! we have a kitten that I found on the road who is either Frodo's best friend or worse enemy. The jury is still out on that one. I hope you feel recharged and I hope Benny gives you lots and lots of unconditional love.


I need a recharge. Have been battling a sinus th8ng off and on for 6 weeks and I am weary. But this afternoon I said no to everything and will curl up with a cuppa tea and my knitting and perhaps a nap. It is not easy for me to slow down but I know that will make a difference.


Good for you for taking a day to recharge. Your knitting looks lovely. You always choose such pretty colors. I love the quote by Jane Kenyon. Two things help me recharge, a walk outdoors and reading poetry or a thoughtful essay.


What a thoughtful package of tea, and the sweetest little kitty! It also seems like everyone has been ill this winter, and with the sort of news that's been filling the tv lately... we could all use some recharging time, for sure. I hope you have a restful long weekend. xo


So glad you like Benny:). I love making little stuffed friends. Hope he brightened your day!


A day to recharge is the best -- hope you fully enjoyed yours! Seeing all your lovely knitting pics certainly gives me a lift! n fact, inspired by you I might go have a few rounds of knitting on the couch. Glad you're doing well!


Awwwwwww...Benny is adorable. Add a little tea and your knitting and that sounds like the perfect way to recharge.


I hope you get a nice recharge. Sounds like you are truly in need of that 'reboot'. For me, a stroll along the beach or on a forest trail is one of the best ways to recharge. Though sometimes it can be as simple as going for a Sunday drive. And, if what the soul is seeking is company, then an outing with friends that comes with laughter and good conversation works equally as well.

Caffeine Girl

I hope your weekend brought you the recharge you were looking for. I often need to spend my weekend recharging! Knitting is one of my favorite ways to do so.


Does Benny have a Ravelry pattern page? You know, just in case he needs cousins? I hope it's not rude to ask.


I LOVE your Alot mug! I definitely needed to recharge this weekend- I was in a play that took up most of my time, but when I wasn't at the theater I was unplugged, lounging in bed, reading, and snuggling the dogs :) Sometimes a day or two of that really does the trick!


Oh snap, I forgot to mention in the comments in the post before this one, I love what your mum does to you and your sis with the ceramic figures! That is too cute and very sweet. What a collection you must have, yeah?

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