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Your socks are so beautiful, Andi. Must make for HAPPY FEET all the time! Thank you so much for all the links! I always love the inspiration of other yarn addicts. ;) Wishing you a wonderful week. blessings ~ tanna


Thank you for sharing Andi, it's good to know that you wash your socks the same way I wash mine. I also always turn mine inside out and put them in a pillowcase so they don't get lost in the machine.

Love the pink - you photographed it well - and all your socks together :)


It sounds like you are doing well and enjoying this cold snap as much as I am Andi! That sure a beautiful assortment of socks you have knit. Great idea about twisting left over sock yarn into mini-skeins - I'm going to try doing that. And always a treat to peruse your monthly faves - inspiration overload! lol

PS I notice you don't use a fish kiss heel either - I don't because I don't think the other heel would wear as well. Is that why you don't? I do like the look of it though....

Lynn Taylor

Hi Andi

I am so happy you have several blogs that i just hijacked to read. lol thank you for your Sunday updates. I hope you have a great day



I asked a question on Flickr but here's my answer: you wash your socks in the washer, not by hand. I have been doing that also and, like you, don't put them in the dryer.
Cosy Posy Yarn company -- best name ever.

Caffeine Girl

Those pink socks -- both pairs -- are just so sweet! I love pink and socks...put them together and you have a heavenly project!
Thanks, as always, for your loves. How can it be that I haven't knit a Little Cotten Rabbit yet? Must get to that.
And I can't believe I didn't know about the Sockhead Cowl. The perfect use for a special skein.
Have a great week.


wow! look at your sock collection :) You can never have too many knitted socks, right? How are you liking eleanor and park? I loved that book! Thanks for the mention - and I am trying my very best to knit from the stash when and if I can.


I love your speckly pink sock yarn! I want to start a Cozy Memories blanket with my leftover sock yarn. I've had yarn apples stored away for ages.


Love your socks they look so comfy ☺

Michelle H

I am a rug hooker, quilter, painter, I can crochet but for the life of me I have never been able to knit anything other than a scarf! 😟
I LOVE hand knitted everything's especially socks but I've never found a teacher in life or anything that can help my brain cast on and count properly at the me time!

Does anyone have any tips or blogs that can really teach me how to knit socks?!?! My toes would be eternally grateful 😘


Andi I am loving this Knitting Monk podcast you recommended awhile back -- your blog has introduced so many good things! And it has woken my dormant love of pink also :) Many blessings to you in this new year!


Ooooooooooo...such pretty pink socks.

Good links this month too!!! Happy MARCH!


Love this link round up, so many treasures! And congrats on finishing those beautiful socks.


The socks are gorgeous and I just love your miniskein idea! I have so many random partial balls of sock yarn left .. I should start skeining them, I feel it would give them a new lease on life! Do you have any special tools you use to do it??


This last cold snap (down here in Tucson) has made me yearn for summer. I am a desert rat and love my heat. I started playing with yarn as a crocheter as well, 50 some years ago. I haven't crocheted in years but recently found www.feltedbutton.com and may just have to make one of her projects. Just looking at her designs makes my eyeballs happy and my heart sing. She has 118 wildly colorful patterns on Ravelry.

Andrea @ This Knitted Life

I love Rainbow Rowell. A favorite of mine. That was a good book.

Your projects, as always are gorgeous. So is your sock collection. Dang!


Lots of fun to be had in your list of links. Your sock collection is inspiring also. And can I ask what is the name of the yarn in the socks on the needles. Have a great week.


Love the pink socks! You have quite a collection there of socks, that is amazing. I love looking at all the colors. Thank you for sharing your February loves.


Hi! Love the post! I was wondering what size of needles you use when you're making socks?? I'm just a new knitter!

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