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Well one good motivation is the KAL's I join in. For example, yours. I need to finish my socks by the end of the week to qualify, so that is motivating me to work on those. Also the idea of starting something new, but knowing that I don't have time to do it if I don't finish something else first.

Have a great week Andi!


While my motivation to finish one project before beginning another one comes from various places, right now I HAVE to finish an Afghan for my daughter’s bridal shower. That is plenty of motivation. Other ways, I like to keep an “easy” knit in my work bag so I can get work done. Much can get done in one lunch hour! Mostly though I just go with what feels good at the time and teasing myself with the promise of a new project in a new yarn keeps me focused.


I only keep one sock project and one shawl project going on. I might make a dish cloth or sew something while those are going on but will not start another sock or shawl until those are completed. Otherwise I would have 6 sock projects and about 5 shawl projects happening with nothing getting done. When I get close to the end of the socks or shawl I look for the next pattern and yarn and that spurns me on to completion.

This spring weather temps me to cast on lots of lightweight shawls and sweater tees. Hotta love Arizona in March and April.

Caffeine Girl

I have no strategy, though I really need to find one. I just cast on when I feel like it. Yes, I have an insane number of WIPs at my house.


I do have a scarf that's unfinished but that's because I need more yarn. I did have an unfinished dishcloth but knitting w/cotton yarn sucks. I think I used the yarn for something else. I only have a sock project and sadly, had to frog my cardigan.


Ha! I'm working on a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants afghan I started awhile back... because I won't let myself start anything new until I finish with the Tegna I have in progress. It is languishing in the bottom of my basket as I demonstrate the lengths I will go to avoid it right now. Ha! Lovin' those yarns you are using. Here's to each of us finishing SOMETHING. ;) Have a wonderful week. blessings ~ tanna


I don't really have a strategy- sometimes I can convince myself to finish one sweater before starting another so I'll only have three on the needles, but a lot of the time I just keep casting on until I get so overwhelmed I need to finish something!


Joining in on KAL's have motivated me to finish quite a few wips so far this year. It's a fun way to connect with people as well as ending up with a fabulous finished project :) I also started to do a seasonal "clean-up" of my knitting basket which basically involves frogging any languishing UFO's and WIPs that have lost their charm.

Lynn Taylor

Hi Andi

Yes Winter GO AWAY! lol i think we had 4 snowfalls in NJ and that is not normal.

However bright yarns to look at does help. Have a great day!



That Andi's AZ Sunset yarn is beautiful. It looks like it could also be used for "patriotic" holidays.


I just finish it! I tend to pick a movie or tv show and power through the project. Congrats on the new job :)


I am motivated usually by thinking of wearing the project once it is finished and how it will add to my life. Sometimes I find myself getting bored of projects I do think to myself if I just finish this then I can start the next project. Love your colorful pieces! Good luck at your new job!


Congratulations on the new job Andi!!!! I have a crochet blanket started and I have a deadline for it's to donate for our church's project. So a deadline helps to get it done fast. :)

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