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Yes! I have a couple of go-to patterns that I can knit a million times. The first is a tee by an old friend - Lucente by Kennita Tully. I will say tho, after my first pair of Hermoine's, that may become a go-to also. I LOVE yours, especially that gradient!

And the banana leaf is interesting also, both in shape and stitch pattern.

I will eventually update my blog, if I can find time. Until then, have a great week Andi!


Lovely socks as always! I think we all agree that you are allowed to be selfish and keep this “happyness” pair, your sister can get the next ones:)


Everybody should knit! Nice video! I have not knit so many pairs of socks yet. I definitely want to knit the Hermione pattern one day. I would like to knit Monkey Socks again! Have a wonderful week with your WIPs and loved ones of course :)

Leah Wheatley

I have had hermione's everyday socks in my ravelry que for quite some time now. I think I need to get these started xx
I love the colours of both socks, no wonder you are having a debate about the first set of socks as I would want to keep them xxx


Being one of the few who has never knit Hermione’s Everyday Socks I have knit Cookie A’s Monkey sock pattern around 15 times. Lovely socks and shawl!


looks like you have lots to keep you busy :) I especially love the speckly sock yarn.

Caffeine Girl

You and I have similar sock preferences: pinks and Hermoine's Everyday Socks. I think I'm on my 5th pair, too!
Great video. I love all the languages and accents.


Hermoine's everyday socks has become my go to sock pattern and may soon catch up with my vanilla one. I think you should keep the sox and make another pair for your sister.


I knit my version of Vanilla Latte over and over. Coincidentally I am knitting my second pair of Hermoine's Everyday Socks. I have knit four Shallows Cowls too. The pattern of that cowl is pure peace for me. Great video.


i so agree with you about having the right project for the mood you are in. I think banana leaf spent some serious time in time out at my house until i found just the right frame of mind....and then I flew through it. I just resurrected a sweater that has been hibernating for over a year. Hoping it stays around this time until it's finished!!!!!!


You are so right... there does seem to be a "season" for yarn, pattern, person. I love that banana leaf pattern and the yarn you've chosen! Can't wait to see more of it. I love to see your socks, but so far I'm a one and done pair of sock knitter. LOL! I keep thinking that may one day change. Shawls are really my favorite thing... because I wear them so much. Wishing you a wonderful week, Andi! blessings ~ tanna
ps loved the video... a million reasons we are knitters. all good.


Love the yarn on your Vanilla sock.

I have 2 go to patterns for socks. Car socks and Hermione socks. Both are good TV knitting patterns.


All your knits right now look lovely! I also really love the Hermione socks- I think I've knit them four times now, and I'm sure I'll knit more in the future!

Andrea @ This Knitted Life

Your banana leaf looks like a lot of fun. And always I LOVE LOVE LOVE your sock colors.

New job going okay?


I've never done Hermione's Everyday Socks, but I need to! I've never done anything but plain old stockinette socks. Gotta find some good yarn for a pair!

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