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Andi you May socks are lovely. I really love the shade of green.
And your sister is a charm, isn't she? What a perfect cup of tea she had in mind for you! I have no idea how you make those darling little skeins ... so much talent.
Have a really grand week ahead filled with hours of enjoyable knitting and delicious cups of tea.


Love your socks! Wish I could learn how to knit them. I love anything with leaves on it!! And that tea strainer - ADORABLE!

Linda in VA


I love that tea ball! It screams jolly Old England doesn't it? I don't get many places but I understand the search for yarn stores in new cities. Sadly the few stores I would go to on day car trips have closed. Always in the lookout for a new one:)

Caffeine Girl

I love having mini-skeins, too. They are so much for for hats and cowls -- and someday I will make one of those "forever" blankets, I am sure.

It is 97 degrees in Madison. Hotter than Miami, which is rare.

If you do that yarn crawl across the country, I want to go, too!


If you come to Philadelphia, I will take you to no less than 11 (yes, ELEVEN!!!) yarn stores.

You might have to bring TWO credit cards (and a heap of cash), because you will want to buy ALL.THE.YARNS!


Lovely song this. Yes I had to go online to get myself a lovely rose tea, so enjoyable. Love those socks Andi ☺ That tea strainer is so cute, I have one shaped like a sloth animal lol


The English Rose tea looks good. After the tea box I had gotten on Amazon, I've fallen in love w/Earl Grey and I'm still drinkin' my green teas.


An across America Crawl would be so fabulous, but take oh so long.

Love those socks, the pattern is beautiful and you did a great job. And yes, adding more scraps and minis to your stash is always a perk. Have a great week Andi!


The May socks are so lovely. For some reason that green reminds me of green frosting. The Rose Tea sounds heavenly too. Have a good week.


I too like teas from all over the world. We lived in Zimbabwe not far from a tea plantation that belonged to a British company. Tea in Zimbabwe was brewed with hot milk in a few houses we visited. It tasted delicious, sadly I can't now take so much milk. Love the looks of your tea and tea strainer. Happy week!!


oooh,t aht English Rose tea looks so delicious, and I love this week's song! Your new socks are awesome, that contrast toe!


Sign me up for the Great American Yarn Crawl! That sounds awesome.


Your sister knows you well, love all the tea stuff!


This post was minttea (minty get it?!?) refreshing! The color is so calming it's lovely. What a great color for socks. I recently had a hot earl grey in the style of Asian Boba tea, but I had it without the boba, because they are filling for me sometimes. Anyhow, It's all I can think about today. hehe.

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