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Grace B

Love the color of that yarn.We have 2 cats and I call one cat dog. She makes a sound clear enough to pass as a bark lol.


ahhhhhh.....Freddy and Maggie would be friends. N-e-e-d-y times two!!! No knitting when that mood strikes!!! Fortunately, as he has aged, he spends a greater and greater amount of time sleeping!!!! (aka knit time!)


On my last trip I got almost no knitting done. But I would have felt naked without the knitting.


I always pack WAY more than I could EVER accomplish. Usually a vacation includes a trip to a yarn store (or two or three) and I actually arrive home with MORE than I left home with. LOL

Glad you had a good visit with your pup-neices.


I know your sister is eternally grateful to you for you sitting. I would be. My cat gets into all kinds of stuff, it's like baby proofing all over again.


What a great house sitter you were b/c I'm sure the pets had some QT with you. I usually pack a project or two but not a lot gets done b/c we're busy exploring.

Caffeine Girl

I usually get quite a lot of knitting done when I travel. That said, I try to bring pretty easy projects so that I can relax, talk to people, etc. If it's a trip with minimal site-seeing, I'll bring some more complex knitting, too, just for the fun of it.


Glad to hear you're back home though it sounds like the pet sitting was a good experience too. I don't take any projects with me (of any kind) when traveling. In fact, I seldom even get time to read so clothes and toiletries, oh and a camera is all I take :-)
The video ... you got me hooked on her videos several blog posts back. I subscribed immediately and have watched every one. Love her videos - thank you.


Lovely doggies and lovely socks xo


That pink yarn ! ( somebody's got the wanties now, hahaha ).
Those dogs look so sweet... I have two cats, and sometimes the youngest stops me from knitting, too - obviously serious petting needs to happen now and again ( and I love it just as much ).

Andrea @ This Knitted Life

Awe. I love knitting with my pets. They keep me company in those quiet hours when Reed is asleep or staying at his dad's house. Life just wouldn't be the same without them. Your sister is very lucky she has you to look after her critters.

I LOVED watching the Royal Wedding. Forever a kid at heart.


I think that every time I bring a project with me, it only gets worked on in the airport or on the plane. Of course I still get nervous that I'll finish whatever I'm knitting and have nothing to do.


Those dogs are so cute!

Most of my travel involves long days in the car on road trips (with my husband driving most of the time) or long plane rides, so plenty of knitting happens. On car trips, I usually bring at least three projects with me, but for plane trips probably only one or two depending on space in my bag. Vanilla socks are my favorite travel knitting projects, and small shawls and cowls are good, too.


My travel knitting happens en route - in the car or on the plane. These days we travel a full day to see both children and family. I can knit about a sock and a half on one of those trips. I usually take socks or a small shawl.


dog sitting, so fun! They both look so adorable. And that video was great- I had a bunny that looked just like the one in the video, a very long time ago.


Aw such adorable dogs and they look like they would be wonderful company. Too bad about the knitting! I don't get much knitting done while on vacation unless its when I am camping or something where the vacation is downtime. Love the sock and its vibrant colors! Hope you have a great week :)

kathy b

Thank you So much for reminding me that adorable dogs often want tons of attention. I swear I fostered a dog that would do ANYTHING to get me to stop knitting. We weren't a good match. needless to say. There were other big issues, too, but it was crazy trying to knit . With my sister getting a new puppy I have to remind myself that I dont have the time for a pup...
now a kitten...well that would be different

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