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Seriously! I've lived in a "hot weather" place, but I cannot imagine 109°F! Wow! Hope the a/c is up to the challenge.

My yarn is organized first by weight ---- fingering takes up the majority of the bins. Then by age ..... all my NEW yarn is in a clear tote. I pick my projects 1 at a time from each bin. That way the OLDER yarn has a chance to and I'm not just going for the new fun stuff.

Leah Wheatley

Well I am not organised. I don't have a huge stash but it is all chucked together. I really should get more organised. Love your sock yarns xxx


You need to come up in elevation to Tucson where we will only be about 101-103 today. We were only 99 yesterday so today when the temp goes over 100, the ice will melt off the Santa Cruz River. ;-) Now is the start of my indoor projects...read: knitting like a crazy woman. The rest of the US saves indoor projects for winter, here it's summer. Welcome to summer Andi from your cooler neighbor to the south.


I am due to reorganize my stash, but I'm holding off until the kitten is a cat. I can do that! love the green socks so pretty and the leaf detail is precious. Gorgeous knitting as always!!


I organize mine in cloth 'baskets' that zipper up and they're organized by weight. The skeins that haven't been started yet are at the bottom; the 'open' skeins on top.

And, of course, everything is still sitting waiting for me to get back to it. For the second time, my ball winder broke (quite a while ago now) and I need to frog two different projects but with only a swift and not a winder, they still sit there like lumps. I also need to split skeins in half since I knit two at a time so a ball winder makes this much simpler. I swore I am not wasting my money on another plastic winder. Trouble is I need to save up some cash to buy one of those wood Strauch winders. Such is life ;-)


Ouch! 109°? I get grouchy when it's past 80. My knitting has been neglected because I've been sewing away. I get curious too about how pp organize their yarn. I have bins but they seem a bit unorganized as well. I can't leave my yarn out as I don't trust the bugs.


Oh my 109 degrees in May. Goodness. I organize my stash in bins by weight except for one
easy-to-get to bin with newer yarns and yarn for projects that caught my eye when I toss the stash in January. Such pretty sock yarns you choose. The green socks are so delicate looking.


Love all your sock cast ons. I just bought some sock yarn to start a pair soon. Looking forward to it! I don't have organization to my stash, I throw them all in a box together. I would like to one day have it better organized and maybe a yarn shelf. Hope you had a good weekend and have a great week ahead!

Grace B

Is 'Oui the best yogurt!


About a year and a half ago I switched to some wire shelving that allows me to see my stash. At that point, I began sorting it based on weight, and of course the sock weight is the fullest shelve. It's so easy to indulge in single skeins of it!

Glad you are having a good week. My life is slowing down again, so hopefully there will be more time soon for the things I love.


stash....sigh. i probably need to reorganize. again! i've got it in baskets by weight, but every time i do a serious stash dive, it seems i find things in the wrong basket....which, just like a misshelved book in a library (former librarian here!)....is lost. such treasurers i've found!!! hope your week is as good as your weekend!!!


Wow, 109 in May? That would make me CRAZY! My yarn is mostly thrown into a large chest. Periodically I go through it and move skeins around. Always enjoy that because I am surprised by a yarn that I had forgotten all about.

Love those green socks and the pattern is so pretty. Hope you can stay cool!


I am NOT happy about the hot weather coming back! My yarn is sorted in a bunch of different bins and baskets and a dresser (in my defense, it's a very small dresser). It's mostly sorted by weight, with a distinction being made between sock yarn and fingering-weight yarn that I don't intend to use for socks. Most of my sweater quantities with patterns planned for them are stored together regardless of weight, too.

kathy b

we are just hitting 70s and 80s here. We are in heaven an da bit afraid a big old snow will roll in and it will be winter again. We are weirdly fearful in the midwest!!! Go socks. Cast away

Michelle C

I just reorganized my stash. I bought a 6 foot tall cabinet just for my yarn. It’s awesome! It was in totes before but now I can see everything I have. I have it organized by weight.


Fantastic video, made my day, thank you 😄

Andrea @ This Knitted Life

With all my dying, my stash has been growing for the first time ever. Mostly with whoopsie skeins that didn't come out quite right. I have enough not-quite-perfect sock yarn to last a lifetime now.

All your socks are looking so good!!!


My stash is very poorly organized, but I am trying, when I do any stash diving, to organize leftovers based on weight. But I"ve recently figured out that for small amounts of odd yarns- strange thicknesses, laceweight mohair, etc. they can all be combined together into some very pretty and very surprising pom poms!


Mine is organized by weight, in all different sorts of bins. I big old hat box houses most of the sock yarns (I say most because not all of them fit.) then fancy cardboard storage boxes for dk and sport weight, and most of my worsted is in large cloth lined baskets. I have clear shoebox style bins for odds and ends, partial skeins etc.

SO glad it is not that hot (nor ever is) where I live. We have long cold winters which are ideal for knitters!

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