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Caffeine Girl

Fun and informative post.
I don't love weaving in ends, but I like the fact that you can correct for any awkward joins. That's why I don't weave as I go.
I have a mini linen-stitch scarf started, and they are very cool. I really need to get back to mine.

Grace B

I saw you started Emily's favorite sock,I have that on my wish list.Hope to get it started before July 4th.


Oh Andi, I adore this post. Minis are so addicting aren't they?! Thank you for fueling the mini skein mania :) I'm so sad at the thought of being finished with my scrap blanket that I actually keep making it bigger so I can keep adding to it!!


sneaking knitting into a work day - sounds fantastic! I babysit a toddler (2 yo) and I get at least three rows into my knitting, it's a start and I'm thrilled to do those three rows!! onward and upward.


Your scrappy blanket looks great.

Of all the projects I have ever made, I love my scrappy blanket the most. I finished a queen-size one. Now I'm going for King-size.

All hail the scrappy blanket.


I'm still smiling at your comment about finding some time to "sneak" in some knitting at work. Happy knitting my dear.


Great post! And your blanket - it looks HUGE!!! And beautiful. Thanks for all the links.


You read my mind Andi,as I started a sock scrap shawl last night. I can't wait to stripe it up with a bunch of my leftover sock yarn.

I seem to ALWAYS have sock yarn left, at least 40 grams. It's crazy because i make "tall" socks but I still have so much! I wonder what people who actually use it all are doing differently (or how big their feet are!)

Thank you for the links, I plan to watch/read some of them later.



always always always love the links!!!! thank for the introductions.


What a great post. I love scrappy projects - especially a boomerang type shawl. Your projects are delicious. Thanks for all the links.


Well I sure loved this post and I am all about using scraps. I even tie little cut off bits together and crochet a scrappy scarf ♥ Love those scrappy socks too of course. xo


Thanks for the links. I will be checking some out. I have always wanted to start a Cozy Memories blanket but I've been putting it off. I should start now that it's summer and no more school after 1:19 pm!

Ruinwen Silverdragon

I love projects like this that use up all the odds and ends that I have stashed away. Your blanket is such a tribute to color and texture; I just adore it!

Andrea @ This Knitted Life

I made a pair of scrappy socks at the beginning of the year and can't wait for more! I will never throw out sock yarn ever again, no matter how mini!


I love the information and links with regards to your blanket. I have long loved it!


Thank you for all the links! I’ve been knitting for around two years now and I’m always looking for ways to use every single bit of Yarn left over from projects.

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