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I hate this about myself, but when I get depressed, EVERYTHING gets ripped out. It sure does slow down production (as it has been a VERY stressful two years).

When life is "good" I tend to cast on TOO MANY things. Seriously, I need to get a grip. LOL

So ..........no advise, just lots of commiseration.


Wasn't the rain marvelous? My sage is blooming like crazy today because of it.

I knit my socks concurrently so I don't fall down the SSS hole. Otherwise, I would be wearing mismatched socks all winter long.

Caffeine Girl

There is nothing like knitting on a rainy day, but cleaning is good, too.
I try to cast on for the second sock the minute I finish the first. Otherwise, SSS takes over!


I fight SSS by starting the second one right away. I actually struggle with *First* Sock Syndrome...once I've picked the yarn and pattern, I don't get why the sock doesn't magically knit itself. By the second sock I seem to understand this phenomenon and do it myself.

Rose Paul

What is so pleasant about rain in AZ is the smell. Must be that creosote. We had enough rain up north to get cold and drink hot chocolate!

Grace B

I brought my Emily sock pattern and cast on to a circular needle.That's been something I couldn't get past the 1st row.I'm enjoying the process so far. I do however have a sock on dps to give myself some variety.

Michelle C

I’ve never been very good at fighting SSS. I just know that eventually I will want to knit that second sock so I have learned to not worry about it.


No 2nd sock syndrome here since I knit two at a time on magic loop. I knew I would NEVER have a matching pair of socks unless I knit them this way. Now if I could just find my missing knitting mojo, that would make knitting progress much better.

Shirley Flavell

My conscience gets the better of me, somewhere from deep down a voice gets at me and bullies me on. I have a friend that does 2 at a time, even though SSS can be a problem I have never had the desire to do that.Here down under it's rained forever it feels and so cold and damp feeling. Good to be knitting in the warmth:)


LIke several others, I cast on the second sock right after finishing the first. For some reason the second sock seems to go more quickly for me - must be my need for closure. I am happy you had a rainy day to enjoy. We could use a little rain. The storms seem to go around us.

Ruinwen Silverdragon

SSS gets me all the time. I wish I could be like the knitter in Tolstoy and magically pull another sock out of the first one. Love all the pink. Both socks are super cute even if they don't go together.


I never finish the first sock unless I am certain I have enough time to start and knit an inch or two of the second.

Lynn Taylor

Hello Andi

I usually cast on the 2nd sock right off. As to the rain we have had so much i wish i could send it to everyone. Right now i am having 1st sock syndrome. I have an afghan i promised my husband but i cannot seem to get that going at the moment. lol i want to knit socks but not if this is not worked on.


Pretty socks! Even if they are single. Maybe they're independent single socks and are happy to wait for their perfect partner to arrive! :)
I am neurotic and always finish a pair before starting a new one. It'll peck at the back of my mind otherwise! I agree with some of the others...the 2 at a time method forces a finish.


Beautiful socks Andi! I wish I was in Arizona. Way too much water in Iowa where I am staying at the moment. Praying for rain to stop for awhile.


I definitely have second sock-itis and have been living with this condition for a while ;) I like to call my single socks my Beyoncé single lady socks as it sounds better! I’m not a fan of two at a time socks and the only solution I’ve found is to immediately cast on the second sock before I use the needles for something else and get distracted by new yarn. Hope that helps :)


Oh boy.....I started a pair of socks in May LAST YEAR 2017 and still trying to work on that 2nd....keep crocheting blankets, mittens, beanies you name it and may do one round of that sock lol
It is on our couch right now waiting.....I want to wear them.
Anyway they are the only thing I knit and have been so tempted to cast on a different pair, so maybe I will as at least will be knitting something lol


I don't mind second socks and I don't mind knitting sleeves - I guess I'm lucky that way! Love your knitting and that sweet doggie card/photo!!


I will tell you a funny. I don't have SSS when it comes to stockinette basic socks. The kind or socks you don't have to think much about or count too often for. In fact I often try to use stockinette socks as the dangling carrot to do another larger project. For example, "Okay Ellen, knit 1 sock in this pretty squishy yarn then work that baby sweater and then you can return and finish the second sock." The problem is, I want to keep going, like an addict and finish the pair. I smell completion around the corner, even if that completion is going to be say, another month, ha!

Now when it comes to patterned socks. I very much suffer from SSS. I think this is mainly because I don't do them that often and require that one extra bit of concentration and right now, my brain, my heart my hands. I don't know it's all rather distracted.

So, stockinette it is for me for a while. xoxo


I knit the cuff on one sock, then the cuff on the other. Leg on the first sock, leg on the other. By the time I finish the first sock, the second one is at the toe so a quick finish. No SSS.


Kind of. I just commented on a blog how I'm thinking of trying TAAT on magic loop.

kathy b

Second sock syndrome. Oh yes. I have an outbreak now and then! I like to knit on 4 double points. SO I start one sock one 4 of them, do a cuff, then start the second on another 4 doubles. So side by side works!


I have first sock syndrome because I've only actually finished one sock. Ok I finished a pair but they were too big and I had to rip them out. So I have one sock finished. I really like doing the cuffs but not the other parts. LOL! So I have about 6 socks where I am up to the heel flap.

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