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Hi Andi,

Summer has been very hot and dry here in Toronto - today though, I am so very thankful for steady rain to water our gardens and soothe our souls. I am taking the day to work on a pair of socks for 2 of your KAL's.

Today will be all about tea, knitting and a forced "taking it easy" day while I recover from a virus which has sapped all my energy.

Love those pink/grey stripy socks!


Socks and dishcloths are the perfect summer knits here in Mesa too. Although, I am still making shawls too. Your completed socks are really cute being fraternal twins. I like the color of your new socks too.


Summer is flying by really fast. There are so many things I wanted to do but others have priorities. Otherwise life is good.


As always your knitting is beautiful. Lots of inspiration on your blog. Summer is treating me well. I am happy to be home from a few days in north central Minnesota - cool lake country. Now it is home to cucumbers from the garden and tomato plants heavy with green fruit. I am knitting many small projects - hats, a baby sweater, and mittens. Have a good week.


Hello Andi always of course love your socks lol Here is Winter and pretty cold although we don't get snow where I live in Oz but COLD lol.....getting ready to trip to Canada rocky train and Alaska cruise...fun ahead end of august xo


ooh, that sock in the top photo is just like the bowl of fruit- looks so perfect for summer! And those fraternal twin socks... adorable.


well climate change is affecting us here on the west coast. We've been having really hot weather (for here) and are in for a stretch right to the end of the month with weather at the 30 plus mark (sorry I no longer remember how that relates to Fahrenheit -- it's probably in the 90's). I adore the fabric created in those socks Emily's Favourite Circus, etc.

Keep cool and happy!


It's been in the 100s here lately, but I am still knitting (and spinning!)

I love those red socks, I am guessing the yarn was dyed/sold that way (to make a reverse pair). What a cool concept. Glad you have a dyer you love!


I'm knitting. Not as much as I hoped, but I'm knitting and I'm reading and exercising, so things are pretty good.

Your socks look lovely as usual!!

Can we have a chat about this Kombucha thing? Do you eat yogurt. I know questions, questions. Also fruit salad. I eat all the things you do, but I skip the grapes in the fruit salad for some reason. Important fruit questions, your feelings on mangoes and stone fruit. It's for science. Ok not really, but I'm curious.


It's me again. You know, I've been meaning to ask. Every pair of socks I've knit, I really do love how they feel. Trouble is, I can only wear them a few times and the bottom of the heel wears through and on a few the bottom of the front (where the ball of the foot is) wears through. Even bought socks last much longer. Do you have this problem, or is that why you knit so many socks?

kathy b

socks . Yours are just lovely


we've had too much rain and flash flooding in our area, luckily I live on a big hill so it doesn't affect me personally. We have another cloudy day today! Love your socks, all of them.

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