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Leah Wheatley

I always start KALS with such good intentions but I am a sloooooooooooow knitter especially in the summer months.


Those socks are awesome. It’s amazing how fast you knit them!


Like Leah .... I have good intentions when they start, but I usually don't end up finishing.

I'm not doing much on Ravelry lately, other than saving patterns to my queue, but I may go check out YOUR KAL. It sounds very nice.


I love the socks (as always). I also love your KALs. None of my friends knit or have any interest in it (other than the knitted goods I give away) so coming to your group is always a nice treat. I do check in often and read every single post. I love knowing there is a group of knitters out there praising everything I make and inspiring me to improve in this craft.

kathy b

The only ALONG i"ve done is with ONE friend Karen. We knit teddy bears for charity for a month or so. It was fun.


I use KALs to increase my productivity and finish rate. However I only participate if the pattern is something I already intended to knit or if the theme fits in with what is already in my queue. My queue gets reordered often based on what fits into KALs because I do like knitting along with people.

Caffeine Girl

Your Let It Shine socks are so very pretty. I think I'd like to do a pair in pink, too. Yours are just so inspiring.
I rarely do KALs because I'm so bad at monogamous knitting, but I'm doing this one! I'm hoping to finish a Sockhead Hat, which I cast on July 15.

Andrea @ This Knitted Life

I am really bad about knitalongs but I love the concept. I am about to start on a couple new projects...so maybe.

I am loving your socks, as always!


I pick and choose KAL's to participate in. Like Ramona, I knit along when the KAL criteria fit align with something I want to knit. I enjoy the KAL's in your group because they are so open. I have the same sock pattern downloaded and ready to go! Now to choose some yarn.


How much do I love your gray and pink passion for socks?

Andi, your KALs and the nice people in your group and the lovely knitting online community has made me enjoy KALs. I haven't been doing them lately because I just wasn't knitting. But I'm joining today. in fact, I gotta go now ...


Such beautiful socks! Andi, you're one knit girl! Hurray for combucha! I was making my own but then I had to leave the country for a whole month and it was the end of combucha making in our house. Wishing a lovely weekend!


I have taken part in a shawl KAL - it was fun and I enjoyed adding all the lovely shawl patterns to my Ravelry Account. I love the exposure to new patterns when taking part in a KAL which isn't restricted to one pattern.


I like what you're doing with those two yarns! I'm always tempted to join KAL's but I usually fall off the wagon and finish the project way after the end date. And at times I feel rebellious and would rather knit something else pattern wise. I'll check out the group's KAL. I need to finish the teen's sock though.


I like very much to participate in Kals. It's great to be part of a group and see what others are doing. It gives me a lot of ideas about future projects! Another reason why I always participate is that it helps me to stay focused and actually finish the project.

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